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5 Cognac and 5 Armagnac


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Hello, that is one in all our (nearly) each day tastings. Santé!



December 19, 2021


5 Cognac and 5 Armagnac

This time once more, we’ll have each armagnacs and cognacs. You may additionally anticipate a relatively dazzling verticale of cognac round Christmas, going manner all the way down to Bix Beiderbecke’s time. Come on, Bix Beiderbecke!… We’ll do that alternatively this time, cognac, armagnac, cognac, armagnac, cognac, armagnac, cognac (I feel they received the image, S.)

Seventies advert, ‘In his personal manner, he is an artist’. Whisky makers have minimize the ‘in his personal manner’ half. ->

Bisquit 'V.S.O.P.' (40%, OB, Cognac Fine Champagne, +/-1985)

Bisquit ‘V.S.O.P.’ (40%, OB, Cognac High quality Champagne, +/-1985) Two stars and a half

Precisely the cognac within the advert. Made by the well-known previous home Bisquit-Dubouché. Some very previous bottles of Bisquit-Dubouché should be discovered right here and there, together with vintages from the nineteenth century, however cautious with the 1811s… Color: amber with copper tones. Nostril: very raisin-dominated, with some stewed melons and peaches within the background. Will get then grassier and drier, however raisins maintain operating the present. It is a fairly good entry-level cognac on the nostril. Mouth: fairly good certainly, possibly only a tad indefinite and presumably obscured and boiséed. Raisins and peaches, touches of liquorice, some muscovado and sweetened black tea. Will get then actually dry. End: just a little quick, drying, with just a little cardboard and extra black tea. Feedback: innocent, drinks fairly nicely in any case these years. An excellent steppingstone, shall we embrace…

SGP:451 – 79 factors.

Vignobles Fontan 'Hors d'Âge' (42%, Bas-armagnac, +/-2020)

Vignobles Fontan ‘Hors d’Âge’ (42%, Bas-armagnac, +/-2020) Two stars and a half

All juices they’ve married right here had been 10 years previous or extra. It is pure ugni blanc from their very own property, Domaine de Maubet, which is situated within the Gers. Color: amber. Nostril: whiffs of varnish, pine, fern and parsley at first, wooden glue, a contact of acetone, then raisins and prunes, plus a relatively earthy liquorice mingled with some Chocolate. A pack of skinny mints, skinny mints being highly regarded in the home. Mouth: traditional, nearly old-school piney, chocolaty and raisiny armagnac, very dry, very a lot on bitter chocolate and tea a. End: medium, good, with just a little menthol and all the time this dryness. Burnt sugar within the aftertaste (demerara).Feedback: not a fruity one in any respect. I relatively get pleasure from this type too.

SGP:361 – 79 factors.

Rémi Landier 'Special Pale Sigle Barrel Lot 2012' (45%, OB, cognac, 900 bottles, +/-2020)

Rémi Landier ‘Particular Pale Sigle Barrel Lot 2012’ (45%, OB, cognac, 900 bottles, +/-2020) Four stars

You may imagine that 900 bottles from a single barrel are loads, however this was not precisely ‘a barrel’, it was a 450l cask. Rémi Landier is a wonderful home, situated within the Fins Bois. Color: gold. Nostril: recent orchard fruits in abundance this time, round ripe greengages (which we love!) and plum jam, with whiffs of dandelions and wisteria plus a average quantity of liquorice. Some meadow honey too, and remarkably few raisins. Mouth: a pleasing rusticity, some grassy liquorice, with notes of williams pears this time, a tiny contact of litchi and roses, then just a little hay jelly and inexperienced tea. Excellent. End: lengthy, grassier, on fruit peel (pears) and a wee little bit of Zan (mint-flavoured liquorice). Extra tea tannins within the aftertaste. Feedback: glorious, vivace younger cognac. Goes down very nicely.

SGP:551 – 85 factors.

Château de Laubade 1998/2018 (52.1%, OB, Bas-armagnac, casks #98072-98074)

Château de Laubade 1998/2018 (52.1%, OB, Bas-armagnac, casks #98072-98074) Four stars

Baco and colombard, from the well-known home Laubade, of which we have already tried two or three wonders currently. There will likely be extra older ones, however within the meantime, let’s do this little 1998. Color: golden amber. Nostril: very good. Nail polish, pear cake, mocha, forastero, pine needles, drop of soy sauce, little bit of Spanish ham, roasted pecans, black nougat… Actually very good, whereas I doubt my Vitell will kill it. With water: no issues, extra ham and soy sauce. I suppose you may just about ‘eat’ this one with a fork and knife. Mouth (neat): a good, agency, peely begin, with notes of marc de gewurztraminer at first after which some grittier marc de Bourgogne. Some inexperienced liquorice and some varnishy tannins right here and there. With water: an excessive amount of water would pull too many tannins out, however at +/-45% this candy and bitter combo simply clicks. Spareribs baked in honey sauce, plus mirabelle jam and simply 5 raisins (am I not being intelligent?) End: relatively lengthy, grassier, with some mint and a tiny rubbery contact, plus extra fruit peelings. The gewurz is again within the aftertaste, however then once more I am an Alsatian. Feedback: no complains.

SGP:561 – 87 factors.

Giboin 'L'Essentiel' (46.5%, OB for, Cognac Borderies, 2021)

Giboin ‘L’Essentiel’ (46.5%, OB for, Cognac Borderies, 2021) Four stars

I’ve all the time had a comfortable spot for the Borderies. Giboin are situated in Cherves-Richemont. It is a mix of three casks of ugni blanc, 2002, 2005 and 2009, accomplished for the well-known web site, a cool place the place whisky fanatics would be taught relatively loads about, nicely, cognac. Color: amber. Nostril: relatively comfortable but tight and compact, beginning fruity and floral (extra oranges than within the others, extra pink bananas as nicely), then geared in the direction of spices and tropical deserts. Bananas flambéed, cinnamon rolls, the same old liquorice, chestnut honey, a smidgen of ras-el-hanout… Mouth: tighter, grassier, extra on peelings, leaves, banana pores and skin, certainly chestnut honey, inexperienced pepper, then even touches of stewed spinach that may result in extra rooty earthiness, and even to some saltiness, which isn’t extraordinarily widespread in cognac upon my quick expertise. Unusual, however excellent and, I’ve to say, just a little whisky-like. End: lengthy, relatively extra on aniseed and liquorice tea. Pink apples and candy carrots within the aftertaste. Feedback: leaves a wink for whisky people. Pastis followers akin to yours really will like it too.

SGP:561 – 87 factors.

Château de la Béroje 1995/2021 (42%, LMDW, Version Française, Bas-armagnac, 300 bottles)

Château de la Béroje 1995/2021 (42%, LMDW, Model Française, Bas-armagnac, 300 bottles) Four stars

By no means heard of those good people earlier than. I imply Béroje, not LMDW. They’re situated in Le Hougat, west of Nogaro and based on the photographs on their web site, the place is simply gorgeous. Color: deep purple amber. Nostril: this one’s rather more ‘roasted’, jammy, honeyed, even molassy, some would possibly even name it Macallany (whether or not that is a very good factor or not, as much as you). You’ll nearly imagine it has been aged in PX wooden, or maybe rancio wooden. So, I discover it spectacularly wealthy, with even just a little tar, even moscatel, prune juice, wealthy rum… Mouth: large extraction, some espresso, chilly cuts, Marmite, Maggi, black nougat, ham, Bovril or Viandox, Jägermeister, liquorice, black Russian tea, Gauloises… So an entire totally different proposition. End: lengthy, salty, bouillony and even varnishy. Drying aftertaste, not one of the best half. Feedback: in all probability just a little love-it-or-hate-it. I feel I like it… simply the identical because the earlier ones. Forgot to say a giant T-bone steak.

SGP:361 – 87 factors.

Jean-Luc Pasquet 'Lot 88' (48.7%, Malternatives Belgium for Art Malts, Grande Champagne, 124 bottles, 2021)

Jean-Luc Pasquet ‘Lot 88’ (48.7%, Malternatives Belgium for Artwork Malts, Grande Champagne, 124 bottles, 2021) Four stars

Color: amber. Nostril: relatively within the type of that heavy-ish Béroje at first, however with this beautiful fruitiness that this now well-known home are well-known for. Melons, peaches, plums… There’s some image varnish too, millionaire shortbread, maple syrup, pecans roasted in honey (attempt that and die), after which some mentholy raisins. A fairly good feeling right here, what might go mistaken on the palate? Mouth: some wooden varnish for positive, tobacco, bonbons, grenadine syrup, Turkish delights, black pepper, cinnamon… Some oak and a few varnish right here, this positive is not some sylphlike cognac. In a manner, it is a cognac that is relatively within the type of an armagnac. Hope I am not ruffling any feathers right here… End: lengthy and really earthy. A sense of getting sucked your cigar. Burnt caramel and pine needles within the aftertaste. Feedback: there are components that I simply adore right here, nevertheless it’s a tricky boy. Performs along with your lips.

SGP:371 – 86 factors.

Aurian 1979/2021 (46.5%, OB, for Wu Dram Clan, Armagnac)

Aurian 1979/2021 (46.5%, OB, for Wu Dram Clan, Armagnac) Four stars and a half

What’s cool when you could have fanatics such because the Wu Dram Clan who would choose some spirits, is that you don’t want to separate the weed from the chaff your self. It is pre-selected, you perceive. Color: reddish amber. Nostril: superior varnishes and plenty of roasted nuts. Pecans as common, but in addition peanuts, macadamias, walnuts… You may add just a little beef inventory, marrow bouillon, hen soup, sauna oils, asparagus, and the anticipated umami mingling up with some previous rancio wine… And Cuban cigars. Excessive-rank nostril. Mouth: positive it is tad too meaty/oaky/varnishy, however bear in mind its 40+. The salty soups are stellar, the fruits, nicely, just a little absent, and the natural liqueurs are great. Inexperienced chartreuse, Underberg, ueber-miso, pine extracts. Will get drier and drier. End: very lengthy, all on essentially the most excessive natural liqueurs, with luggage of cloves within the aftertaste. Feedback: excessive? Sure and no. I am able to give up.

SGP:272 – 89 factors.

Vallein Tercinier 'Lot 75 GrapeDiggaz' (51.7%, OB for Kirsch Import and Wu Dram Clan, Petite champagne, 252 bottles, 2021)

Vallein Tercinier ‘Lot 75 GrapeDiggaz’ (51.7%, OB for Kirsch Import and Wu Dram Clan, Petite champagne, 252 bottles, 2021) Five stars

A grapediggaz, not a gravediggaz, nicely hopefully. Color: darkish amber. Nostril: there’s all the time one thing with Vallein Tercinier. Maybe is it stability. On this very case, we’re having fruits stewed in honey, and no single apparent ‘woody’ notes, to not point out varnishes. Peaches in acacia honey, melons in heather, pears in honeysuckle, apricots in manuka. With water: incense, cedarwood, sandalwood, peach skins. Mouth (neat): luminous, coherent, splendidly resinous and mentholy but by no means drying. Some verbena and caraway syrups and liqueurs. I am pondering of previous Bunnahabhain from the Sixties, however please do not ask me why. With water: resins and mints up, leafiness up as nicely, however the expression ‘flirting with the bounds’ has been invented for this one. Cautious with H2O although, some boastful liquorice would have a tendency to return to the entrance. End: lengthy, on resins, angelica, mint cream and myrtle liqueur. Feedback: very long time not tried an previous VT (Vallein Tercinier, not Vendanges Tardives!) . Was lacking these. Good stuff.

SGP:461 – 90 factors.

We’re lacking an previous armagnac, are we not…

Bas-armagnac 1972/2021 (42.7%, Grosperrin for The Auld Alliance Singapore)

Bas-armagnac 1972/2021 (42.7%, Grosperrin for The Auld Alliance Singapore) Five stars

Why ought to previous armagnacs move to Singapore? Perhaps as a result of a sure Frenchman is on the helm of one of the gorgeous spirits bars on the earth? Would not that be a very good cause? However why Grosperrin, who’re inside the high 5 in… Cognac? I am just a little misplaced… Color: excellent amber. And why not? Nostril: cellulose varnish and peanut butter, then truffle bouillon. I do know that was quick however truffle bouillon is an entire cluster of aromas in itself. Assume Bocuse (works higher while you’re French). Mouth: that is extra wine than a spirit. Early twentieth century Yquem, mushrooms, truffles, mosses, cigars, guinea fowl soup, previous Pauillac, extra truffle soup… The factor known as soupe VGE and past the truffles, the important thing ingredient can be…  celeriac. Celeriac is king (or queen) in many elderly spirits, it is simply that people wouldn’t be within the know. End: it is extraordinarily uncommon {that a} end can be ‘sweeter’, as finishes are typically ‘drier’. Fairly some previous mead. Feedback: nice soup.

SGP:362 – 90/91 factors
(I will not do that too typically, cross my coronary heart… No Panama hat on my humblest head).








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