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A Intelligent Method To Make Iced Espresso

We’ve got a number of tutorials on INeedCoffee that stroll by the steps on methods to make chilly brew espresso. However till now we haven’t written a information for making iced espresso. The phrases chilly brew espresso and iced espresso typically develop into interchanged, however they do have totally different meanings. And so they style totally different too.

Chilly Brew vs Iced Espresso

Chilly Brew is espresso that’s brewed at room temperature or chilly temperatures for a number of hours. The most typical brew instances are between 12 and 24 hours, however you’ll be able to brew longer. The grounds are usually extra coarse. The ensuing espresso brew is usually a focus which is later minimize with water to deliver it again to a super energy. Followers of chilly brew just like the low acidity and clean physique. It additionally tends to be excessive in caffeine as a result of the brewing interval is so lengthy.

Iced Espresso, which can also be known as Japanese Iced Espresso, is made by brewing espresso instantly over ice. This immediately chills the espresso, whereas preserving the flavour. To keep away from having a watery espresso, the quantity of water used when brewing is cut up between the new water and the ice. Many espresso aficionados choose iced espresso to chilly brew because it tends to style like a calming refreshing model of that sizzling espresso. No matter acidity stage or taste notes the new model has will stay. And in the event you get the water ratio proper it gained’t style weak.

One other benefit iced espresso has over chilly brew is it’s a lot sooner to make.

Why Use the Intelligent Espresso Dripper?

You can brew iced espresso various methods, however the Intelligent is a perfect alternative. It has a paper filter, which leads to a cleaner end. The Intelligent can also be a full immersion brewing technique. This implies the espresso stays involved with the water for almost all of the brew cycle. This can permit us to manage the brewing time higher than we might with a pour-over technique. The result’s a richer espresso.

One other glorious alternative can be the AeroPress.


The Math of Iced Espresso

The mathematics of iced espresso is similar as sizzling espresso with one exception. The water weight we usually would use for decent espresso is split between sizzling water and ice. The objective is to not have a jar stuffed with espresso and ice cubes when completed, however to simply use sufficient ice to chill the espresso. We are able to all the time add extra ice later. Our objective is to imitate the style of the new espresso however chilled.

I experimented with a number of ratios of water to ice together with various brew instances. Right here is the iced espresso recipe that tasted greatest:

  • 20 grams of medium or medium-fine floor espresso (see the Espresso Grind Chart)
  • 180 grams of sizzling water
  • 120 grams of ice cubes
  • 3-4 minute brew time

Use a barely finer grind than you’ll for the new model since you are brewing with much less water. This recipe makes use of a 15-1 ratio. 15 components water to 1 half espresso. Modify the ratio to your style.

For this tutorial, we’re going to mix a number of steps that we broke down intimately within the article Step By Step Bonavita Immersion Espresso Dripper, which operates similar to the Intelligent Dripper.

#1 Put together the Espresso

Place a #4 espresso filter contained in the Intelligent. Rinse the filter. Add 20 grams of medium or medium-fine floor espresso.

Clever Coffee - Add Coffee

#2 Put together the Ice

Weigh out 120 grams of ice cubes and place them in a jar or mug.

#3 Add Sizzling Water

Add 180 grams of sizzling water slowly into the Intelligent Dripper. After a minute you’ll be able to stir slowly if you’d like. Goal for a complete brew time of three to 4 minutes.

#4 Launch Espresso into Mug

Place the Intelligent Dripper over your jar or mug with the ice. The lid will set off the discharge of espresso onto the ice. The espresso ought to soften many of the ice.


#5 Serve and Perhaps Add Extra Ice

Take a sip. The espresso ought to style as wealthy as the new model. You’ll be able to add extra ice now to sit back the espresso extra. I often do. It’s that easy.



In the event you discover that you simply used too little ice and your espresso remains to be heat and all of the cubes are melted, don’t add extra ice but. The espresso may begin out tasting high-quality, however because the ice melts, the espresso will style progressively weaker and extra watery. In the event you discover you’ve brewed a cup with too little ice, place the espresso within the fridge to chill.


Making an iced espresso at residence could be very easy. Discover your ideally suited brew energy ratio. Divide the brewing water into water and ice cubes. Grind a bit finer. Then brew instantly onto the ice. The flash cooling will protect and sometimes spotlight the identical flavors you take pleasure in when the beverage is sizzling.

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Step By Step Bonavita Immersion Espresso Dripper Tutorial – INeedCoffee brewing tutorial.

Intelligent Espresso Dripper Overview – INeedCoffee article.

Title photograph by Raphael Rychetsky.

Brewing pictures by Joseph Robertson of Extracted Journal, a digital espresso journal revealed for iOS and Android. He additionally teaches Espresso: The Fundamentals of Mastering Your Brew on Udemy.

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