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A wee basket of rums


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Hello, that is one in every of our (virtually) day by day tastings. Santé!



September 11, 2022


Let’s have a look at what we discover within the packing containers…

Carùpano 6 yo 'Reserva Especial' (40%, OB, Venezuela, +/-2021)

Carùpano 6 yo ‘Reserva Especial’ (40%, OB, Venezuela, +/-2021) Two stars
We have by no means tried any Carùpano (I do know the accent on the u just isn’t proper). It is from the land of Diplomatico and Santa Teresa so we’re anticipating some candy lightness. Color: gentle gold, so not ridden with caramel. Nostril: this time it is absolutely on caramel, Werther’s Originals, café latte and… properly, café latte. This can be very Starbucksy on the nostril, do in addition they personal distilleries? Mouth: extra butterscotch, plus some rawer, thinner spirit that will make us consider very younger grain whisky. Actually loses any focus it might have had after ten seconds. End: brief, spirity, and certainly filled with caramel. Feedback: this very gentle rum just isn’t dangerous, really, nevertheless it’s actually not a sipper. Neither is it very ‘especial’.
SGP:720 – 70 factors.

Ron La Progresiva de vigia '13' (41%, OB, Cuba, +/-2021)

Ron La Progresiva de vigia ’13’ (41%, OB, Cuba, +/-2021) Two stars
One other model I had by no means heard of though I’ve been roaming Cuba fairly some years in the past (however then many times, I am no rum skilled). However here is a clue, it is mentioned that it was once made just for the Cuban nomenklatura and as items to heads of state visiting the island. However in fact. Very flannelly packaging. Color: gold. Nostril: fairly good I’ve to say, reminding me a little bit of my favorite Cuban, Santagio 11 yo, with a deeper and extra advanced construction. Beautiful hints of previous copper, fresh-crushed sugarcane, touches of lavender and even rye, violet sweets, then the anticipated oranges, as drops and as cordials. Would not really feel too ‘candy’ on the nostril. Mouth: as virtually all the time, the palate is not fairly on par and maybe a little bit indefinite, however the excellent news is that you just would not actually really feel any added sugar or sauces. It is really moderately vegetal, dry, and certainly with fairly some cane juice. End: the palate is a little bit rougher, and a little bit drying, and definitely fairly grassy. Fruit peel and a little bit burnt caramel. Feedback: naturally, the determine ’13’ is barely mimicking an age assertion, however it’s a positive Cuban rum.

SGP:640 – 74 factors.

Diamond 18 yo 2003/2021 (54.2%, Wealth Solutions, The Colours of Rum, Guyana, cask #32, 242 bottles)

Diamond 18 yo 2003/2021 (54.2%, Wealth Options, The Colors of Rum, Guyana, cask #32, 242 bottles) Four stars and a half
Color: white wine. Nostril: high-ester rum, fairly pure, with ‘a way of’ mezcal and olives, many fermentary smells, leaven, very distant whiffs of durian, anchovies, brine and all that. In brief, it is moderately sensible. With water: some acidic fruitiness approaching prime (lemons, rhubarb, gooseberries) and even notes of bandages and ointments. Mouth (neat): fairly huge, appropriately soiled, salty, maybe within the model of Versailles, or of that of a number of Jamaicans. Or of uncooked Talisker. Luggage of olives and anchovies. With water: comparable, with additionally a dirtyish grassiness. Recent compost and previous hay, maybe. End: moderately lengthy, on simply the identical sorts of notes. Soiled aftertaste – the type of dust we get pleasure from in rum. Feedback: some very wonderful salty rum. I’ve tried a wee mix with 50% this and 50% Talisker and I’ve to say I am fairly proud as that pushed the citrus to the stratosphere. Sadly that additionally generated some soapiness.

SGP:463 – 89 factors.

Port Mourant 2010/2021 (61.2%, Milano Rum Festival, Guyana, cask #2, 242 bottles)

Port Mourant 2010/2021 (61.2%, Milano Rum Competition, Guyana, cask #2, 242 bottles) Four stars
In keeping with the label, this one ought to burn, no? Color: white wine. Nostril: a bit blocked by the excessive ethanol however you do really feel some varnish on prime of the crushed olives and salted fish. Water ought to be added sofort (we have determined to talk European on little WF). With water: some new plastic, plywood, extra salted fish, capers, engine oil… And but there’s some type of lightness too. Mouth (neat): it isn’t all the time simple to make a distinction between Versailles and Port Mourant. In any case, that is method too scorching at full energy. I agree, no surprises. With water: a number of sugary touches, in any other case fruits beginning to get overripe (bananas) and a salty tarriness. End: moderately lengthy, with some ‘candy varnish’ over overripe plums. Feedback: I say it is pretty much as good as younger Port Mourant will get.
SGP:562 – 87 factors.

Maybe a very previous Uitvlugt?

Uitvlugt 1989/2022 (46.7%, The Whisky Jury, Guyana, refill barrel, cask #8, 203 bottles)

Uitvlugt 1989/2022 (46.7%, The Whisky Jury, Guyana, refill barrel, cask #8, 203 bottles) Five stars
WF’s new mouser, P’tit Noir, appears a bit just like the one on the label. Color: amber. Nostril: wow wow wow wow wow. I do know that is not very skilled however then once more, I am not a professional, by any means. Lorries filled with fruits from all nations, chic tarry spices (a maharaja’s personal recipe for yellow curry), liquorice, tar, previous automobile (King Charles’ previous Rolls) and plenty of sorts of polishes. Mouth: we’re approaching utter perfection right here. Elegant mixture of ‘simple’ fruits (every kind) and petroly and tarry components (every kind as properly), plus oysters and olives. End: maybe the toughest half due to some sorts of tobacco-y tannins. There’s fairly some espresso espresso too. Feedback: wow wow wow wow wow (any concepts how somebody might lay himself off?)
SGP:463 – 91 factors.

Off to Trinidad and Tobago, with the standard…

Caroni 18 yo 1997/2015 (50.5%, Whisky-Fässle, Trinidad)

Caroni 18 yo 1997/2015 (50.5%, Whisky-Fässle, Trinidad) Four stars and a half
It is humorous that they might have saved one in every of their well-known western geese as a substitute of switching to scarlet ibis or rufous-vented chachalaca. Color: full gold. Nostril: this child does not fairly scent like high-ester, a.ok.a. ‘heavy’ Caroni, however so far as lighter kinds go, it is all moderately pure and caney at first, then extra on greens and inexperienced fruits. Inexperienced bananas, for instance. Some flints within the again. With water: linoleum and Barbour grease. Who remembers linoleum? Mouth (neat): come on, it isn’t gentle in any respect! Probably a mix of sunshine and heavy Caroni, with these moderately particular notes of patchouli, menthol and eucalyptus (however these might come from the wooden). Salted lemon juice. With water: some chocolate, some salt, some eggplants, a little bit cardboard. Not precisely your common Caroni, however as I might style some previous officers up to now, I’d say we’re moderately shut right here. End: moderately lengthy, saltier. Some salted and peppered fudge within the aftertaste. Feedback: it has been a little bit arduous after the supersonic Uitvlugt, nevertheless it turned out very all proper ultimately.

SGP:452 – 88 factors.

No rum session could be full with out a Jamaican!

Hampden 3 yo 2018/2022 'HLCF' (64.6%, Velier for Salon du Rhum Belgique, Jamaica, bourbon, cask #284, 262 bottles)

Hampden 3 yo 2018/2022 ‘HLCF’ (64.6%, Velier for Salon du Rhum Belgique, Jamaica, bourbon, cask #284, 262 bottles) Five stars
HLCF, that is purported to imply between 500 and 700 grams esters per HLPA, so moderately excessive. However as soon as once more and similar to ppms peat, these figures don’t all the time translate into the top spirit. As for such a younger Hampden, that is just about the equal of a correct Toledo sword dipped into hemlock; let’s attempt to survive… Color: white wine. Nostril: bitter wine, inexperienced lemons, brine, Mediterranean seawater (I am joking), carbon paper and diesel oil. Some surprising mangos and bananas within the background, in any case that is rum. With water: excellent, on new Formica (I’ve heard they’re producing some once more) and whey. Mouth (neat): fairly splendid and seemingly filled with acetone, ammonia, benzine, carbon mud and useless oysters. One thing demoniacal at virtually 65% vol. With water: the standard oysters and olives, some smokiness, and a variety of brine or seawater (not obligatorily from the Mediterranean). End: very lengthy, moderately extra on rotting bananas of every kind, yellow, blue, inexperienced, pink… Feedback: completely love this spirit. I do know I mustn’t grant such younger booze with such excessive scores.
SGP:452 – 90 factors.

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