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At Least Now We Know Why Kermit Is Consternated

Anybody bear in mind the CW basic, “It a Gril“?

(Ahh, good occasions.)

‘Cuz now now we have model 2.0!

Like most improve’s, it fi’xed one prob’lem whereas creati’ng a complete n’ew one.


Two issues on this subsequent one:

1) Apparently there is a “Hawaiian Shirt Day”
2) I’ve by no means been so dissatisfied to see somebody spell “shirt” proper

(Proper? RIGHT???)


After all we have established – many, MANY occasions – that bakers can not seem to cease making chocolate icing seem like poop.

Nonetheless, I discovered the one exception!

It is whenever you ask a baker to truly TRY to make icing seem like poop:

Like an ice cream swirl on a balloon string.

The thoughts, it boggles.


When this mother requested a Minnie Mouse cake for her daughter’s birthday, I *suppose* the baker tried for a easy 3-circle Mickey brand, like this:

However as a substitute, it got here out like this:

Within the baker’s protection, if you happen to squint just a little this truly seems to be a LOT…

…like a consternated Kermit-the-Frog.

So, you already know, SO CLOSE.

(Significantly, when you see it… it is all you see.)


So which is worse, guys: that bakers are already making globby Thanksgiving turkeys…

Or that there are solely TWO CUPCAKES underneath that giblet-blasting load of icing?

(It would not must make sense, okay? “Giblet-blasting” simply sounds cool.)

Or, Bonus Possibility C: that sufficient persons are shopping for these items to maintain bakers making them. C’mon, folks: TOUGH LOVE. Give up enabling the wreckerators!


And eventually, to finish on a high-pitched screaming be aware:

Let’s hope the earlier 49 Raymonds weren’t so… [deep breaths, Jen, DEEP BREATHS] …um, shiny?


Due to Jamie C., Stacy F., Alyssa N., Anony M., Briana O., and Linda L. for forcing me to appreciate how eerily related the globby turkey and glossy man chest are. WHERE’S THE “UNSEE” BUTTON ON THIS THING?


Right here, have a fairly rainbow butterfly chaser:

I made this rainbow wreath for John’s room, utilizing an 84-pc butterfly set I do know you crafters are gonna love:

(3D Butterfly Wall Magnet Set)

They’re double-sided and include each magnets and stickers. Positively browse the initiatives within the opinions, there are such a lot of cool concepts – and the set is on sale proper now for $9.99!



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