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How A lot Caffeine is in Coke Zero?

One of many sweetest sodas with out the added sweetness, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is a pop staple. No sugar, no energy, and no nonsense. But with all of those zeros, does Coke Zero have caffeine equalling zero? The brief reply: it has 34 mg of caffeine per shelf-stable can of 12 fluid oz. The lengthy reply has hope for these searching for caffeine-free soda choices.

This text solutions: how a lot caffeine is in Coke Zero?


What Is Coke Zero?

Coke Zero is a product of Coca-Cola that has no sugars added, solely the bogus sweeteners aspartame (Ace Ok) and acesulfame potassium (acesulfame Ok). Acesulfame Ok has no energy and doesn’t elevate blood sugar ranges when passing by way of the physique of a shopper. Ace Ok and acesulfame Ok are accepted protected by the FDA (1).

Ace Ok and caffeine might have adverse results on some even when consumed carefully (2).

There’s a laundry checklist of meals identified to set off a migraine assault, the commonest ones being meals that comprise histamine and MSG, chocolate, cheese and different dairy merchandise, synthetic sweeteners (e.g. aspartame), [and] caffeine . . .

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is available in a number of completely different flavors, together with cherry, vanilla, cherry vanilla, and orange vanilla. 

The total checklist of components for a single can of 12 fluid oz. consists of carbonated water, caramel shade, phosphoric acid, aspartame, potassium benzoate (to guard style), pure flavors, acesulfame potassium, and caffeine. Coke Zero has 40 mg of sodium (2% of the each day really helpful worth) and 60 mg of potassium (additionally 2%). It additionally has an amino acid generally known as phenylalanine, which must be averted by anybody with phenylketonuria (PKU).  

Is Coke Zero Caffeine-Free?

No, Coke Zero has 34 mg of caffeine in a single 12 fluid oz. can. However do you know: Caffeine-free Coke Zero exists? It’s known as Coke Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine.

The one distinction within the listed components is that there isn’t any caffeine, with potassium citrate as a substitute.

For an inventive expression of the sensation you get from consuming this, take a look at this YouTube video.

Caffeine In Espresso Vs Coke Zero

Coke Zero has 34 mg of caffeine per each 12 fluid oz. can. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine has no caffeine because the identify aptly states. For comparability, there’s roughly 95-100 mg of caffeine in espresso for the standard cup of 8 fluid oz. There’s wherever from 100 to 200 mg of caffeine in a single caffeine pill relying on the model of espresso tablets. Customary Coke espresso has 69 mg of caffeine per each 12 fluid oz. can, which signifies that it has extra caffeine than in Coke Zero, vitality drinks, or Pepsi, all with related quantities of caffeine.

Ultimate Ideas

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is an excellent candy soda that has 34 mg of caffeine per each 12 fluid oz. shelf-stable can. Coke Zero Sugar Caffeine-Free choices don’t have any caffeine. Like different drinks of its variety, it has a comparatively low quantity of caffeine in comparison with a standard cup of espresso, which has about triple this amount.


The advantages of Coke Zero are… none, actually. You’re in all probability dissatisfied with this. Coke Zero has no sugar, nevertheless it makes use of synthetic sweeteners and different chemical substances. It incorporates caffeine, which helps you are feeling extra energized. The principle profit is the style and expertise of a fizzy drink.

Coke Zero raises insulin, will increase the chance of growing diabetes, and worsens current diabetes. Synthetic sweeteners are identified to trigger insulin spikes within the blood, which ultimately improve blood sugar ranges over time because it worsens the physique’s sensitivity to insulin (3).

Coke Zero is extra harmful if consumed in giant portions regularly, however it’s alright carefully. Some long-term unintended effects embrace bloating, heartburn, and weight acquire (4).

Cherry Coke has 34 mg of caffeine per each 12 fluid oz. can, which is similar quantity as a similarly-sized Coke Zero. Cherry Coke has a noticeable cherry flavoring. It additionally is available in Zero and Weight-reduction plan variations, all of which have the identical quantity of caffeine.

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