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Introduction to the Spirit – Jim and Tonic

One of the simplest ways to get pleasure from a drink is to know its elements and how one can mix them with different elements to boost the drink’s flavour. The identical is true even with alcoholic drinks, notably gin. 

For those who’re curious in regards to the gin and wish to know extra about how one can get pleasure from a gin bar in London, the next paragraphs will allow you to get a greater have a look at this fascinating alcoholic beverage.

Gin’s Manufacturing Requirement

Gin comes from juniper berries, that are tiny seed cones which have a significantly stronger woodsy or pine flavour. This provides gin its explicit, but noticeably robust style.

A juniper berry infusion is crucial within the final results of gin. Different herbs or spices, corresponding to rose petals, coriander, lavender, or mint, may be added to it, however it should have juniper berries at its core. Within the UK, gin should be bottled at a minimal of 37.5 per cent ABV iin addition to having juniper berries.

Making Gin

Gin is less complicated to make than whisky, scotch, or bourbon as a result of it doesn’t require time within the barrel. Due to this nature, it’s simpler to bottle and promote in comparison with different spirits.

Gin is comprised of a grain mash comprising maize, barley, and rye (or a mixture of those grains), which is distilled a number of instances. Though the preliminary distillation yields alcohol, it isn’t notably nice to devour but. The distillation course of is repeated to purify the spirit additional. The catch with gin is that the juniper berries and botanicals should be added.

Some distillers desire to easily steep the berries and botanicals within the spirit, permitting the flavours and aromas to soak up into the liquid earlier than the second distillation. Others use a vapour infusion technique that infuses the juniper berries and herbs utilizing baskets suspended above the stills. After the ultimate distillation section, water is added to the combination to get the spirit to the specified power.

Gin’s Low-Calorie Rely

Okay, get this: A 12-ounce shot of gin comprises 97 energy. When in comparison with Everclear, which has 190 energy per one-ounce shot, and Bacardi 151 Rum, which has 122 energy per shot, gin is a good various for individuals chopping energy.

One other engaging characteristic of gin is that it goes properly with a variety of mixers. As an example, in a gin bar in London, you will get a gin and tonic, which might be about 150 energy. Nonetheless, should you’re nonetheless involved about your food plan, you should utilize soda water for the tonic. This feature won’t add any extra energy to the combination. So as to add extra style, end it off with a wedge of lime.

Cocktails with Gin

Bartenders love experimenting with cocktails utilizing gin. As a result of it’s a intelligent liquor, it may possibly match higher with juice, soda, tonic, soda water. Darkish liquors like whiskey and bourbon have aromas of vanilla, caramel, and spice from maturing in barrels, so fruity mixers aren’t as straightforward to match with them.

Gin has a light woodsy, pine-like flavour from juniper berries and different botanicals and herbs, making it the perfect liquor to combine with uncommon fruity alternate options.

To totally spotlight the flavour of the botanicals within the spirit, bartenders love to make use of gin to make the traditional gin martini. Nonetheless, it’s additionally an important addition to fruit smash drinks just like the strawberry gin smash, which mixes crushed strawberries, lime, sugar, gin, and membership soda.

Take a look at our on-line gin cocktail recipe hub for some nice drinks to make at residence.


The ‘Ginnaisance’ within the UK has been in full pressure since about 2013 as extra craft distilleries and gin bars spring up, and extra gins and flavours hit the market.

You will see a wonderful London-based distillery of gin in your alcoholic wants at Jim and Tonic! We’re a gin distillery with three cocktail bars in London. Go to our on-line store to seek out out extra about our merchandise!


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