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Hello, that is one in all our (nearly) each day tastings. Santé!



October 21, 2021


Laphroaig until the five hundredth, then extra

I simply realised that for months, our Laphroaig counter has remained frozen like winter in northern Siberia (hopefully), on 494 totally different expressions. Time to attempt to make that 500+ should you do not thoughts, and to discover a correct glory as our #500. No worries, we have got ammo, however first, some apéritif… Anticipate some randomness too, as an excessive amount of order can deliver boredom and despair (fairly). By the way in which, farewell John Campbell!


Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB, +/-2021)

Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB, +/-2021) Three stars and a half

Color: gold. Nostril: all the time gauze, iodine, bandages, these forgotten hessian jute baggage that have been saved close to the outdated oil tank, then reasonably extra sweetness, maple syrup maybe, then simply the same old seawater, brine and ashes. Maybe just a little gentle, however appropriately medicinal. Mouth: excellent, brings again reminiscences, with gherkin brine, lapsang souchong, ashes and granny smith. The one downside is that these 40% vol. type of kill it, as they all the time did since we first did wee tasting periods opposing the 40 and the 43. Worlds aside and apologetic seems to be from everybody on the distillery, again within the days. The nice outdated early Web days, when some manufacturers hadn’t turn out to be autistic but. End: good, very Laphroaig, however disappointingly flattish, which might result in a dry and cardboardy aftertaste. Feedback: coitus interruptus, nearly homicide. But, the distillate is ideal and possibly simply price 88 when at 46% vol. Taxes? What taxes? Do not the opposite distillers pay taxes too?

SGP:337 – 83 factors.

Laphroaig 'Quarter Cask' (48%, OB, +/-2021)

Laphroaig ‘Quarter Cask’ (48%, OB, +/-2021) Two stars and a half

One of many first official expressions the place they cancelled the age statements and began to exchange time with wooden (and the next bottling power certainly). We had thought this was surprising again within the days, however’s it true that the top outcomes, in you glass, have been fairly nice. A lot water has flowed underneath the bridge since then. Color: gold. Nostril: the ten was tighter, this one’s received extra vanilla and bananas from some well-prepared American oak. That roundness first clashes a wee bit with the in any other case reasonably straight distillate, however all is properly in the long run, with some pretty medicinal tones, cough syrup, additionally lemon curd, some marzipan and maybe a handful of winkles within the background, which provides to the coastalness certainly. Yep, works with cockles and clams too. Mouth: just a little too candy for me now, as if that they had additional cranked-up the oaky sweetness. The oak actually feels, frankly. Some bitter fruits. I discover it onerous and the little 10 actually kills it now. End: lengthy, too oaky, gingery, bittersweet, with a sense of white sugar on prime of that. I discover it fairly dissonant. Feedback: all was going properly on the nostril however this dissonant and ‘un-married’ palate simply did not work for me. We’ll attempt to strive the QC once more subsequent yr, if God lets us dwell.

SGP:665 – 78 factors.

Let’s get our heads proper, with…

Williamson 10 yo 2011/2021 (59.9%, Asta Morris, sherry, cask #AM083, 674 bottles)

Williamson 10 yo 2011/2021 (59.9%, Asta Morris, sherry, cask #AM083, 674 bottles) Four stars

Certainly, Williamson is Laphroaig, the title refers to legendary former supervisor Bessie Williamson (some say she was having an affair with a sure Dutch dentist however shh, now we have no proof). Color: gold. Nostril: however after all. Tighter, purer, pleasantly freed from any extreme oak this time, all on seawater, mercurochrome, simply peat smoke, seaweed smoke, lemons and gunflints. With water: sharp, millimetric, pure, smoky and medicinal. These trademark whiffs of recent Wellingtons too. Mouth (neat): it’s a little sweetly creamy and wealthy (lemon gums, banana foam) at first however all this smoke and brine positively reserve it at 60% vol. With water: additional destroys the Quarter Cask, even when it’s not essentially the most complicated Laphroaig ever. Purity all the time works. End: reasonably lengthy, excellent, with some smoked almonds coming by way of, in addition to bitter oranges. Feedback: you will not must scratch your head right here, all is properly.

SGP:457 – 87 factors.

Williamson 2010/2020 (52.2%, The Whisky Jury, refill barrel, cask #twj-Lph01, 230 bottles)

Williamson 2010/2020 (52.2%, The Whisky Jury, refill barrel, cask #twj-Lph01, 230 bottles) Four stars

The cask # leaves no doubts, ought to some have remained in our minds. Ah by the way in which, these Williamsons technically are blended malts. Color: straw. Nostril: even much less oak, extra tar, extra petrol, the ground of an outdated storage in England, almonds, contemporary walnuts, maybe one olive, and everybody’s blissful. With water: embrocations. How very Laphroaig. Mouth (neat): nearer to the Asta Morris, even when just a little purer and tighter but. Rhubarb juice, marzipan, liquorice wooden, lemon… With water: lapsang souchong, ashes, grape pips. End: reasonably lengthy, saltier as anticipated, and fairly ashy. Would of any cough medication that might be salted? I imply aside from seawater? Feedback: test.

SGP:457 – 87 factors.

Lp12 2014/2021 (54.7%, Elixir Distillers, Elements of Islay, 1672 bottles)

Lp12 2014/2021 (54.7%, Elixir Distillers, Parts of Islay, 1672 bottles) Four stars and a half

Boy was this one younger! It is from 2 refill and a pair of sherry hogsheads. Color: white wine. Nostril: nearer to the uncooked distillate but, that’s to say with extra tincture of iodine, creosote, hessian, seawater and kerosene. Whiffs of fresh-cut grapefruit are including a type of lightness. With water: bingo. Pure younger Laphroaig with out artifice. Completely love these whiffs of used engine oil. Will future technology even know what engine oil was? Will they use ‘recycled batteries’ as a substitute? Mouth (neat): oh properly executed! You’re feeling it is younger however what they have been doing with the woods managed to filter-out any undesirable roughness, with out imparting any apparent ‘oakiness’ (as within the official QC). Very pretty, with some menthol that we hadn’t encountered earlier than, lime, agave, gentian… Me blissful. With water: good. Gorgeous lemon brine, olive oil and sardines, all put collectively right into a tin, fur future picnics ‘on Laphroaig’. End: reasonably lengthy, crystalline, good. Feedback: the mouthfeel was good too. We’re nearly going for 90, at 6 or 7 years of age!

SGP:467 – 89 factors.

Time to decide on our #500…

Laphroaig 10 yo (43%, OB, for Cinzano Italy, unblended, +/- 1985) Five stars

I’ve tried this one earlier than, however that was in 2004, from one other bottle after all, and within the very early days of Whiskyfun. Identical to that of Macallan, or say Bowmore, the repute of Laphroaig has been constructed on these very outdated batches, within the case of Laphroaig batches of the ten (typically the 15).

Laphroaig 10 yo (43%, OB, for Cinzano Italy, unblended, +/- 1985)

Color: white wine. Nostril: a stroll within the woods, surrounded with pine bushes, fir bushes, eucalyptus, cedar… I am undecided these bushes would develop properly collectively however there, poetic license . There’s reasonably much less of these tropical extravaganzas that have been to be present in different variations of the ten (Bonfanti, Filippi, Buckingham Vile…) however so far as varied embrocations go, you could not go any farer than this. Fairly some plasticine too. Having mentioned that, I had seen some mangos again in 2004, however these bottles have now gotten 17 years older, have they not. Mouth: no, there, maracuja and mangos, served with grapefruit and crème de menthe. Touches of bitter apples too, however all in all, this outdated Laphroaig has developed similar to any nice wine would have (albeit at a slower tempo, naturally). You may by no means fin this oily, tertiary type of complexity in a ‘new’ bottle. End: medium, reasonably resinous, with a number of pretty sappy touches, a discreet smoke after which some fats fish. Not speaking about any politicians right here. Within the aftertaste and as nearly all the time with these bottles, hints of outdated natural liqueurs, particularly chartreuse ‘after all’. Feedback: most likely not the ‘utter greatest’ outdated Laphroaig 10, partly as a result of it is received just a little fragile right here and there, however as they are saying, the legend was en route.

SGP:464 – 91 factors.

Good, now that we have had our five hundredth, we will have a good time… (tsk-tsk, any excuses…) And since we have talked about Bonfanti and Filippi…

Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB for Bonfanti, Italy, screw cap, mid 1970s)

Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB for Bonfanti, Italy, screw cap, mid Seventies) Five stars

Pure legend however we have principally tried Bonfantis at 43% vol. So, this is perhaps just a little totally different… Color: gold. Nostril: I feel I can hear the angels sing (however why are thy singing Frank Zappa?) Vegatables and fruits, strictly all of them, this is able to make Fortnum & Mason’s Meals Corridor look ridiculous as compared. For instance, I am discovering plantain, hops, salsify, jujubes, carrots, prickly pears, papayas, citrons, eggplants, celeriac, pink bananas, avocado, pistachio, lovage, celery, chives, wee white onions, ‘airplane’ mangos… What a soup certainly, that is merely staggering. I feel I am going to must go to mattress early tonight. Mouth: did you name the Anti-Maltoporn brigade but? Begins with some surprising raisins and dried longans, and would go on with myriads of dried, candied, stewed or preserved fruits. Truly, it’s reasonably much less on contemporary tropical fruits than I remembered, however for instance, these dried figs lined with salted honey and butter caramel sauce are most likely extra addictive than any violent and perverse collection on Internet-f*****g-flix. And fewer toxic. End: medium and grand. These dried figs once more. Feedback: as we have been asking earlier than, who’s damaged the mould?

SGP:653 – 94 factors.

Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB for Filippi Import, Italy, short screw cap, late 1960s)

Laphroaig 10 yo (40%, OB for Filippi Import, Italy, brief screw cap, late Nineteen Sixties) Five stars

Gasp, I feel we’d like air… It is to be famous that the ‘brief screw cap’ is older than the ‘lengthy screw cap’. Color: gold. Nostril: I feel we’ll maintain this brief. Extra mangos than on a mango tree, and extra medicinal ‘issues’ than within the basement an outdated deserted hospital (on Netflix). All important oils, plant extracts and secret ointments of the creation, some most likely long-forgotten. And oh, these mangos! Mouth: flooring you, actually. We have had different bottles that had gotten just a little drying (bear in mind no two bottles stay the identical after so a few years) however this one remained good, tight, contemporary, and eminently mango-y. Maracuja too, dried fish, kippers, grapefruits, just a little chalk, lapsang souchong, beeswax, dried longans and rambutans, raisins even… End: loses a little bit of steam at this stage. We can’t blame it. Feedback: it misplaced one level on the end however there isn’t any have to throw a match, I suppose.

SGP:654 – 93 factors.

The place are we? Ah, there…

Laphroaig 'Old Scotch Whisky' (20 under proof, OB, early 1960s)

Laphroaig ‘Outdated Scotch Whisky’ (20 underneath proof, OB, early Nineteen Sixties) Five stars

It is a first. It comes from a particularly uncommon miniature. Color: gold. Nostril: completely totally different, this time with extra roots, celeriac, gentian, carrots, turnips and parsnips, additionally artichokes… Cautious as a result of in my meagre expertise, when noses have turn out to be like this and nevertheless nice they might have turn out to be, the palates are sometimes wrecked, flat, useless and even foul. Let’s test that subito presto… Mouth: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Halleeeee-lu-jah! No indicators of any weaknesses, reasonably small citrus and dried fruits in every single place, raisins once more, mulberries maybe, figs for certain, camphor and lots of sorts of outdated cough medicines (bear in mind, the recipes have been misplaced), and simply, guess what, peat! Past that, a really pretty pine-y growth, mead, fir honey, roasted pinecones, verbena, and naturally, chartreuse. End: not that lengthy however you could possibly nonetheless really feel ‘the kiln’. No, actually. The aftertaste’s fairly medicinal once more. Outdated cough syrups. Feedback: what’s putting whenever you strive these wonderful outdated malts is that nowhere do you really really feel ‘oak’, not to mention awful vanilla or worse, vanillin. And within the outdated ‘sherry monsters’, you don’t really feel wine both. Hope there wasn’t one mini of this left for the entire world ;-). Unimaginable peatiness after so a few years.

SGP:555 – 95 factors.

Good, maybe one or two newer bottlings now, earlier than we name this a tasting session? We would additionally wish to revise a number of outdated Laphroaigs Samaroli however we’ll do this, say for Christmas.

Laphroaig 1991/2019 (52.1%, Or Sileis, Taiwan, refill bourbon barrel, cask #2652, 265 bottles)

Laphroaig 1991/2019 (52.1%, Or Sileis, Taiwan, refill bourbon barrel, cask #2652, 265 bottles) Five stars

With a kraken on the label. Given the nasty high quality of that ‘rum’ additionally branded ‘Kraken’, I might have gone for a special animal as a substitute, even perhaps a blob or a paramecium, however certainly, not my enterprise ;-). Love our whisky buddies in Taiwan! Color: straw. Nostril: the utter pleasures of refill wooden, with none wooden affect as such, that is solely wooden as ‘a facilitator’, not as a ‘flavouring agent’. Lengthy story brief, that is pristine contemporary and pure Laphroaig that is taken its time and was by no means rushed. Excellent lemons, seawater, oysters, contact of aniseed, and simply hints of caraway and juniper. Luminous and apparent (bravo, S.) With water: better of Pouilly-Fumé. I do know I should not all the time use wine references, that that is too simple, however actually, I am not discovering an outline higher than ‘Pouilly-Fumé’. Mouth (neat): implausible, ultra-tight, salty, ueber-vertical, blade-y. Terrifyingly vertical! With water: cuts you into halves, as we typically say. The menthol within the background is flabbergasting too. Chalk, lemon, peat, brine, menthol. End: lengthy, ultra-clean, bone-dry, with extra ashes and even a sense of carbon mud. Feedback: it certain wasn’t simple to come back after a Cinzano, a Bonfanti and a Filippi. This wee Kraken (!) got here out with an actual blaze of glory.

SGP:467 – 91 factors.

One other newer outdated one please…

Laphroaig 30 yo (53.6%, Hunter Laing, The Kinship, 344 bottles, 2020)

Laphroaig 30 yo (53.6%, Hunter Laing, The Kinship, 344 bottles, 2020) Five stars

There’s some cocketry for certain in not stating the classic whereas there clearly is one, in keeping with the scale of the batch. Or am I lacking one thing? What’s certain is that this far, this Kinship collection has been nothing in need of stellar. However they’re people so they may fail, I am certain (cavernous and sardonic laughter)…  Color: gentle gold. Nostril: not this time, apparently. Outdated books, carbon paper, magazines, plasticine, wooden varnish, French beans, mashed peas, carbolineum, brake fluid, kelp, peonies, hibiscus… It certain is not your ‘common’ Laphroaig and a few transmutations appear to have taken place, however I discover this nostril gorgeous this far. Until it will all go pear-shaped any more… With water: truffles, mashed potatoes, carbon, newspaper of the day, Brussels sprouts, kelp, oysters. Who mentioned this one could be uncommon? Mouth (neat): oh! It’s a wrestler on the palate, with some very ‘inexperienced’, nearly acidic arrival on concentrated lime juice, some varnish, then a loud and clear feeling of mezcal. Which, as all the time, leaves me speechless (who mentioned thank God, who?) With water: gorgeous salty bouillons plus, as soon as once more, Pouilly-Fumé, kippers, wax, lemon, and a few pink pepper carefully. End: sadly. Feedback: they wanted 100 years to construct cathedrals, you want 30 years to construct nice whisky. Is smart, no?

SGP:466 – 91 factors
(nearly 92).

A final one for the street…

Laphroaig 18 yo 1995/2013 (58.3%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, refill bourbon barrel, #29.143, 'Finish Tar Syrup', 226 bottles)

Laphroaig 18 yo 1995/2013 (58.3%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, refill bourbon barrel, #29.143, ‘End Tar Syrup’, 226 bottles) Four stars

End Tar Syrup? Would not that reasonably be Finnish Tar Syrup? I might suppose you owe me a beer subsequent time I am in Edin, pricey SMWS! Color: white wine. Nostril: nail polish remover, plasticine, linseed oil, outdated tarry ropes, carbolineum, mushrooms, damp ashes, mud, plaster. In brief, one more variation on the Laphroaig theme. With water: inexperienced apples, cider apples, apple peelings, and simply something apples. One other first on WF, that is sensible. There’s much less apple in correct Calvados, should you ask me. Mouth (neat): completely huuuuge! Very aggressive, acetone-y, tough, extraordinarily dry. Mega-smoke and ashes. Cautious with my coronary heart and palate, SMWS! With water: I might say we tamed it, however barely. I might add that you simply could not recognise the make, for it’s so deviant, excessive, and, properly, varnishy. Have they not reasonably bottled the boiler’s oil by mistake? Do they now develop apple bushes behind the distillery? End: lengthy, ultra-tight, acetic, acidic, nearly chemical at occasions, and greener then grass. Sudden touches of coconut wine within the aftertaste (no, actually). Feedback: enjoyable Laphroaig, completely deviant certainly, and excessive. These are usually not fairly scorable, in fact.

SGP:475 – 85 factors.

(Thanks mucho Aaron, Jon, Nick and François)








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