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Marco’s Welcomes New “Previous World Sausage” on Two Restricted-Time Pizzas

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Marco’s Pizza welcomes new, sliced Previous World Sausage as a topping on two limited-time pizzas: the Sausage Magnifico and the Final Magnifico.

Based on Marco’s, their new Previous World Sausage is “impressed by the daring flavors of conventional, sliced Italian sausage” and provides crispy, curled edges and a slight kick of warmth.

Marco’s Sausage Magnifico comes on a garlic-flavored crust that’s topped with each Previous World Sausage and traditional Italian sausage plus authentic sauce, three-cheese mix, and a sprinkle of romesan seasoning (the chain’s signature mix of roma and parmesan cheese).

The Final Magnifico takes the Sausage Magnifico and provides on Previous World Pepperoni in addition to common pepperoni. It will also be ordered as a pizza bowl (i.e. in a bowl with no crust).

Photograph by way of Marco’s Pizza.

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