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My finest Pulled Pork | RecipeTin Eats

That is my Rolls Royce of Pulled Pork recipes. A 24-hour brine seasons the pork during, adopted by a 12-hour sluggish roast within the oven which locks within the juices such as you’d by no means consider. The consequence? Each strand of pork is injected with flavour, juicier and extra tender than you ever imagined – all served with a basic do-it-yourself BBQ sauce.

Don’t have time for this model? I get it. Make my Sluggish Cooker Pulled Pork as a substitute!

My best pulled pork with a side of Coleslaw and beer to wash it down
My finest pulled pork proven with BBQ sauce (recipe under), corn bread muffins, coleslaw and ice chilly beer!

36-hour Pulled Pork

That’s proper, 36 hours is what it takes to make my absolute best Pulled Pork recipe: A 24-hour dry-brine in a heavily-flavoured rub, adopted by a 12-hour sluggish roast within the oven.

I’d not share a 36-hour recipe although if I used to be not 100% certain it produces the easiest outcomes! I can guarantee you it actually does, and the explanations are easy:

  1. Brining in a single day locks in juices and injects flavour during the pork so each mouthful of pork is seasoned; and

  2. Sluggish-roasting at a really low temperature means much less moisture loss and in flip extra succulent meat.

Cooking on this approach additionally will get you that fascinating “bark” on the floor that folks love about conventional BBQ meals. It’s my favorite half. It’s so tempting to elevate the entire thing off and run away with it!

Take a look at the proof of epic bark:

My best pulled pork out of the oven
Shut up have a look at the terrific bark on this Pulled Pork recipe. You possibly can’t obtain this similar high quality bark utilizing a sluggish cooker, we want the oven. Lengthy and sluggish!

And proof of ultra-tender, juicy meat:

Tongs picking up my best pulled pork
Each strand of pork is seasoned because of the in a single day brine.

My typical 36-hour Pulled Pork timeline

Right here’s my fundamental recreation plan with timings that will help you guarantee your pork is prepared for while you need to serve it, for both lunch or dinner.

  • 2 days prior, anytime (often night) – Coat pork in rub and go away to brine/marinate for twenty-four to 48 hours within the fridge.

  • Night earlier than serving – Put pork in oven to slow-roast in a single day.

  • Subsequent morning (day of serving) – Take away pork from oven. Preserve complete till required. Shred pork as shut as doable to serving time, for optimum juiciness.

  • If serving for lunch – Time the cooking to complete inside 2 hours of serving so the pork stays heat, and no have to reheat.

  • If serving for dinner – Enable pork to totally cool on the counter, uncovered (should you cowl, bark will go soggy). When cool, cowl and refrigerate. As much as 3 hours previous to serving, reheat: Cowl loosely with foil, warmth in a 130°C/275°F oven for 1.5 to 2 hours or till the centre is sizzling. For those who forgot to permit for reheating, you’ll be able to microwave it uncovered in an emergency. It truly works effectively as a result of it retains the meat juicy!

What it is advisable make my finest Pulled Pork

Right here’s what you want for the Pulled Pork:

Ingredients in my best pulled pork
  • Pork butt / Boston butt (4 – 5 kg / 8 – 10 lb) – Often known as “butcher’s block” or “sq. reduce shoulder of pork” in Australia, it is a huge rectangular block of pork from the of the higher pork shoulder (not its butt!) It’s finest for Pulled Pork as a result of it’s effectively marbled and a uniform form. It comes with a layer of fats on the floor, no pores and skin (in Australia), and a bone inside.

    The place to search out it – Although broadly obtainable and superb worth within the US, right here in Australia it’s not obtainable at on a regular basis supermarkets. Nevertheless, it IS bought at Costco! In any other case, discover it at good butchers.

    What to ask for – Pork butt / Boston butt / butcher’s block / sq. reduce pork shoulder. Describe it as a 4 to five kg rectangular block of pork shoulder. Insist / ask politely that it’s bone-in, skinless, with some however not all of the fats faraway from the floor.

    Greatest substitute – Common pork shoulder works however it’ll should be a minimal of three kg / 6 lb (together with the bone). If it’s too small it’ll prepare dinner too quick and defeat the aim of the 12-hour sluggish roasting that yields the ultra-juiciness of the meat. Often right here in Australia, pork shoulder is barely about 2 – 2.5 kg / 4 – 5 lb (as soon as the pores and skin is eliminated).

  • Beer – This has a number of functions. It’s used as (1) the liquid within the pan to forestall the pan from drying out in the course of the slow-roasting, (2) for additional flavour on the pork flesh, and (3) making tasty pan juices that are later tossed via the shredded pork and stirred into the do-it-yourself BBQ sauce.

    Beer kind – You need to use any beer apart from very darkish beers like Guinness. Darkish beers generally is a bit too intense and dominate the pan juice flavours.

    Substitute with alcoholic apple cider (dry/onerous cider), non-alcoholic beer or apple juice, which I’ve used previously for related recipes to nice success (like BBQ pork ribs).

  • Rub substances – The sugar, salt, pepper and spices you see within the photograph above are all for the rub. The seasonings (a superb quantity from my 12 Important Spices checklist!!) are for flavour, whereas the salt dry-brines the pork to make it juicier.

    What’s dry-brining? Brining exploits the impact of salt on muscle fibres so meat retains extra moisture because it cooks. As a useful bonus, it additionally absolutely seasons the meat on the within – nice for giant cuts like pork butt. Dry-brining is a kind of brining the place no water is used, simply salt (contrasted with wet-brining the place you soak protein in salted water). We get the identical results (juiciness and seasoning) besides it’s even higher as a result of the flesh isn’t bloated with flavourless water, which dilutes meat’s flavour. It’s additionally handy since you don’t must take care of the logistics of holding a large piece of pork submerged in liquid within the fridge.

    Backside line: Dry-brining works higher and is less complicated. It’s how I do my turkey yearly. Dry brine, dry brine, I say!

How a lot pork do you want per individual?

To determine how many individuals your pork will serve, multiply every kilo of uncooked pork by 3 to get regular servings or by 2.4 for beneficiant servings. Imperial measurements: Multiply every lb of pork weight by 1.5 for regular servings or 1.2 for giant servings.


It’d sound like a number of pork per individual (335g – 410g / 11 – 14 oz) however bear in mind, pork loses about 40% of its weight as soon as cooked!

What you want for do-it-yourself BBQ Sauce

Nothing groundbreaking right here! All the standard basic BBQ sauce suspects are current:

Ingredients in my best pulled pork
  • Ketchup – The important thing ingredient in BBQ sauce. I do know it’s completely un-Australian of me to say, however I actually want ketchup over tomato sauce. Higher flavour. Sorry Australia!! Greatest substitute – Effectively, tomato sauce!

  • Apple cider vinegar – For the tang in BBQ sauce. Substitute with white or pink wine vinegar.

  • Molasses (gentle/true molasses, NOT blackstrap) – Provides sweetness, color, gloss and flavour. Straightforward substitute: golden syrup!

  • Worcestershire sauce – For savoury flavour.

  • Tabasco – Elective, for a success of warmth!

  • Sugar – BBQ sauce is good, tangy and a bit savoury. This helps with the sweetness!

  • Mustard and garlic powder – The savoury seasonings. I want powdered garlic over contemporary garlic, and powdered mustard over mustard unfold as a result of the powder variations have a extra earthy flavour that I feel works higher for BBQ sauce.

Tips on how to make my finest Pulled Pork

It’d take 36 hours all up, however it’s truly very straight ahead as a course of. Additionally, the brining step, although beneficial for really one of the best outcomes, can truly be skipped if you need. You continue to get loads of flavour on the bark that will get combined via the meat, in addition to within the roasting pan juices that we toss via the meat. The BBQ sauce additionally provides a superb load of flavour!

1. Brining

As talked about above, a 24-hour dry brine locks within the juices in addition to seasoning the flesh proper to the center of that appreciable hunk of meat!

How to make my best pulled pork
  1. Rub – Combine the rub substances in a small bowl.

  2. Coat the pork throughout with the rub and use your palms to …effectively, rub it in. 😂 Get proper into all these cracks and crevices. Yep, I do know some folks hate it / giggle once I write that, and I write it each time I take advantage of a rub. Have a giggle and rub away!!!

    Get as a lot rub as doable to stay to the pork, being significantly beneficiant on the highest. You’ll find yourself with some extra rub unfastened on the tray, as you’ll be able to see within the photograph above. That’s OK.

  3. Brine 24 hours – Place the pork UNCOVERED within the fridge in a single day. Uncovered is finest as a result of that approach your pork is not going to sweat underneath cling wrap or related. It additionally dries out the floor of the pork which is essential to one of the best bark!!!

    Can I brine for longer? Yep! I’ve accomplished it for as much as 48 hours. I truly didn’t discover a distinction between 24 hours and 48 hours nonetheless, so there’s no further profit to brining for longer. Extra that should you forgot or the timing fits you, it’s no situation.

  4. Put up-brining – This photograph exhibits what it appears like after brining. There will likely be some liquid within the pan, which is a little bit of pork juices combined with dissolved salt. Discard this liquid when transferring the pork to the roasting pan. We solely need no matter stuff sticks to the pork.

2. 12-hour slow-roasting

How to make my best pulled pork
  1. Liquids for cooking – Switch the pork right into a roasting pan. Then pour the beer and water round it into the roasting pan, utilizing further water to high up as wanted in order that the liquid degree is 2.5 cm / 1″. That is to make sure the pan doesn’t dry out in the course of the sluggish roasting time. It means the pork will likely be even juicier (good and steamy setting!) in addition to making certain we find yourself with some roasting pan juices that we toss via the pork on the finish + stir into the BBQ sauce (it’s free flavour!).

  2. Sluggish roast the pork uncovered for 12 hours at 110°C/230°F (each fan-forced and commonplace). Some notes on the sluggish cooking half:

    a) Low temperature – We need to use lowest temperature doable to prepare dinner this pork at as a result of the decrease the temperature, the much less moistures is misplaced from the flesh of the pork which in flip means juicier pork meat. I discovered that 110°C/230°F is the minimal temperature for the center of the pork to peak at 95°C. At this temperature, the meat will likely be tender sufficient to shred with no effort. Cooking at a temperature decrease than 110°C/230°F, I discovered the pork by no means turned “fall-apart-at-a-touch”.

    b) Uncovered – The pork is cooked uncovered so we get that fascinating, intensely-flavoured bark on the floor everywhere in the pork. This half is everybody’s favorite!

    c) In a single day roasting – At such a low temperature and with the quantity of liquid we put within the pan, I really feel completely secure sleeping with the oven on. It’s additionally super-handy to do the slow-roasting in a single day as a result of it’s fully hands-off. The cooked pork reheats completely so I can serve it anytime the subsequent day.

    d) ⚠️ OVEN AUTO-OFF – Many ovens, together with mine, will routinely flip off after 12 hours. That is for security causes. So you’ll want to test if yours has an auto-off operate (test the handbook)! If it does, firstly preheat the oven, put the pork in then flip it off. Instantly flip it again on (to restart the 12-hr clock, so to talk). Now you’re good to go. Additionally, how useful that your oven will now flip itself off bang on 12 hours when your pork is prepared!

  1. Sluggish-roasted pork – After 12 hours, the pork needs to be fall-apart-tender with a thick, nearly black crust. Decide a bit off and have a nibble – cooks’ deal with!

    There ought to nonetheless be some liquid remaining within the pan. How a lot will depend on a number of issues, like the dimensions of your pork, your oven and so forth, however often there may be round 1.5 – 2 cm / 3/4″ of liquid.

  2. Switch the pork to a special pan, giant sufficient for shredding. Relaxation the meat for 20 minutes earlier than shredding. Simply because we slow-cooked the meat doesn’t imply we will skip the important step of resting the meat! Throughout this time juices contained in the meat are reabsorbed again into the meat fibres = juicier!!


We come to one of the best half – since you get to select and nibble all through the entire course of!

How to make my best pulled pork
  1. Shred the pork utilizing two forks or tongs. It’s so tender it is going to be easy! Shred into strand sizes you want. Some folks like superfine, others like chunks. I’m kind of in-between.

  2. Pan juices and BBQ sauce – Pour over some roasting pan juices (it’s bought tons of flavour, we’re NOT losing it!) and a few BBQ sauce. Simply sufficient of each to juice up the meat a bit, not drown it! I want to serve BBQ sauce on the facet so folks can use as a lot or as little as they need.

  3. Toss effectively.

  4. Serve – Now serve with remaining BBQ sauce on the facet! Pictured above with mushy buns and coleslaw, to make Pulled Pork Sandwiches. YESSS!!!! (Some extra serving recommendations under).

Do-it-yourself BBQ Sauce

Simply briefly, the BBQ sauce. It’s a plonk-and-stir, simmer-for-45-minutes job. Very simple! It may be made at any time that fits you because it retains and reheats completely.

Homemade BBQ sauce for My best pulled pork
Pouring BBQ sauce over My best pulled pork

Actually, that sight … an enormous pan of juicy meat that’s had my love and a focus for the final 36 hours … (albeit I’ve been asleep for many of that point, however that’s not the purpose!)… now THIS is my form of meals.

I do know that is completely un-lady like. I’m not the dainty kind, not in my meals selections, nor in how I barrel via life. However boy does it make for a tasty life!!!

Living proof, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, dripping with pork juices mingling with BBQ sauce. Oh and look, Coleslaw becoming a member of the celebration too:

Best pulled pork sandwich

Or, strive an enormous Southern dinner unfold by including basic sides that you just’d swear had been invented simply to serve alongside Pulled Pork!

Nice Southern sides to serve with Pulled Pork

As for dessert? Strive one in every of these!

Desserts. As a result of we ALWAYS have room for dessert!

So, have I satisfied you it’s time for a BIG PULLED PORK feast this weekend? Oh, not this weekend? So – subsequent weekend?? 😉 – Nagi x

12 hour roast not for you? I get it. Strive my simple Sluggish Cooker Pulled Pork as a substitute. Lengthy standing reader favorite!

Watch how you can make it

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My best pulled pork in a pan with sides ready to be served

My finest Pulled Pork

Servings15 – 20 folks

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. This takes 36 hours to make – however it’s price it. A 24-hour dry brine seasons the pork during, adopted by slow-roasting for 12 hours at a extremely low temperature. I’d not let you know to roast a pork for 12 complete hours if I used to be not 100% certain that this produces the easiest outcomes! It actually does, and the reason being easy: decrease warmth means much less moisture loss which suggests extra succulent meat. Plus, an excellent bark on the floor that everyone loves about conventional BBQ meals. It’s my favorite half!


  • Dry brine in a single day (Observe 7) – Pat the pork dry and place in a big ceramic dish. Combine Brine substances in a small bowl and rub it everywhere in the pork, being certain to get into the cracks and crevices. Refrigerate uncovered for twenty-four hours.

  • Preheat oven to 110°C (each fan-forced and commonplace) / 230°F.

  • Put together for roasting – Switch pork to a roasting pan (don’t wipe the rub off). Discard any liquid and residual rub left within the brining dish. Pour beer and water across the pork, topping up with additional water as wanted so the liquid degree is 2.5 cm / 1″ (insurance coverage in opposition to pan going dry).

  • Sluggish roast 12 hours (Observe 8) – Roast, uncovered, for 12 hours, or till the inner temperature reaches 95°C/203°F and the meat falls aside effortlessly utilizing two forks. ⚠️ Make sure that your oven doesn’t routinely flip off mid prepare dinner, many have auto-off features that kick in at 12 hours (additionally think about oven pre-heating time)!

  • Shred – Switch the pork to a big pan (reserve juices in roasting pan). Relaxation for 20 minutes then shred with tongs / forks – it is going to be easy! You possibly can discard the fats cap at this stage if you need. I go away some, it makes the shredded pork even juicier.

  • Sauce it – Pour 3/4 cup of the juices from the roasting pan and 1 cup of Barbecue Sauce (see under) over the pork, and toss.

  • Serve Pulled Pork with remaining Barbecue Sauce on the facet so folks will help themselves. Both make an enormous Southern feast with a facet of cornbread, coleslaw and potato salad or macaroni salad. Or make Pulled Pork buns with mushy rolls full of coleslaw, Pulled Pork and the BBQ sauce!

Barbecue sauce:

  • Place substances in a big saucepan and whisk to mix.

  • Simmer 45 minutes: Deliver to simmer on medium warmth, then scale back to a low simmer for 45 minutes. Stir sometimes.

  • Add pork juices: When the pork is cooked, add 1/2 cup of the juices within the roasting pan and simmer for five minutes. Use water to regulate thickness – it ought to have a thick syrupy consistency. Serve heat or at room temperature (not fridge chilly).

Recipe Notes:

1. Pork – Generally known as pork butt, Boston Butt or “pork sq. reduce shoulder”, it is a huge rectangle block of pork that’s a part of the higher pork shoulder. Greatest for Pulled Pork as a result of it’s well-marbled and a uniform form. Comes with a layer of fats on the floor, no pores and skin, with a bone inside. Discover it at butchers, not but broadly obtainable in Australian grocery shops. Greatest substitute is a daily pork shoulder however it’ll should be a minimal of three kg else it’ll prepare dinner too quick! 2. Beer – Any beer apart from actually darkish ones like stout and Guinness can be utilized. Substitute with apple cider or apple juice. 3. Rub spice substitutions:
  • Garlic powder and onion powder – substitute with extra of the opposite
  • Mustard powder – similar quantity of dijon mustard unfold
  • Oregano leaves – omit
  • Brown sugar – white sugar or honey
4. Cooking/kosher salt have bigger grains than desk salt so it really works finest right here for extra even penetration into the meat for brining. For those who solely have desk salt, use 2/3 of the amount known as for within the recipe. 5. Apple cider vinegar – Sub with white or pink wine vinegar. 6. Molasses – Ensure to not use BLACKSTRAP molasses which could be very darkish, intensely-flavoured and bitter. Australia, DO NOT get Blue Label Molasses from Coles, should you learn the label fastidiously you will note it’s blackstrap. I take advantage of Mountain Valley Molasses from Wooloworths. Save leftovers for Gingerbread males! 7. Dry brining – Seasons the pork flesh during and makes pork even juicier. Whereas it’s extremely beneficial for finest outcomes, you’ll be able to skip it within the occasion of a pork emergency (it occurs, I perceive). 8. Sluggish roasting – Learn put up for why this yields one of the best consequence. Timing – I usually do the slow-roast in a single day. With the very low oven temperature, the beer plus the juices that come out of the pork (a LOT!) to forestall the pan from scorching, I’m not involved about sleeping with the oven on. To serve for lunch – Begin late the evening earlier than final to serve for lunch tomorrow. The cooked pork will keep heat for a superb 2 hours. Greatest to shred near serving time. To serve for dinner – Make the entire pork forward then reheat when wanted. It reheats 100% completely as a result of it’s so juicy from the slow-roasting. See ‘Make forward’ part under. 9. Make forward – If not serving inside 2 hours of taking the pork out of the oven, loosely cowl the entire cooked pork with foil and permit to chill to room temperature (about 4 hours). Refrigerate till wanted. 100% excellent made 24 hours forward, and nonetheless superb made 2 – 3 days forward. Take away from fridge 2 hours previous to when serving. Reheat coated in foil for 1 hour at 150°C/300°F, or till the inner temperature reaches 60°C/140°F (test this to make sure the within is sizzling). Shred then serve per recipe. 10. How a lot to make per individual – To determine how many individuals your pork will serve, multiply every kilo of pork by 3 to get regular servings or by 2.4 for beneficiant servings. Imperial measurements: Multiply every lb of pork weight by 1.5 for regular servings or 1.2 for giant servings. Instance:
  • 5 kg pork: 5 x 3 = 15 servings (regular parts) or 5 x 2.4 = 12 servings (giant parts)
  • 10 lb pork: 10 x 1.5 = 15 servings (regular parts) or 10 x 1.2 = 12 servings (giant parts)
It’d sound like a number of pork per individual (335g – 410g / 11 – 14 oz) however bear in mind, pork loses about 40% of its weight as soon as cooked! 11. Storage – Cooked pork and barbecue sauce will preserve for 4 days within the fridge (separate or tossed collectively), or 3 months within the freezer. Reheats 100% completely! See word above for finest make forward instructions. 

Vitamin Data:

Energy: 499cal (25%)Carbohydrates: 34g (11%)Protein: 51g (102%)Fats: 16g (25%)Saturated Fats: 5g (31%)Polyunsaturated Fats: 2gMonounsaturated Fats: 7gTrans Fats: 1gLdl cholesterol: 160mg (53%)Sodium: 1895mg (82%)Potassium: 1213mg (35%)Fiber: 1g (4%)Sugar: 28g (31%)Vitamin A: 775IU (16%)Vitamin C: 3mg (4%)Calcium: 87mg (9%)Iron: 5mg (28%)

Lifetime of Dozer

In digestion mode. An excessive amount of Pulled Pork.


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