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No, You Shouldn’t Decant Wine within the Blender

“You don’t hyper-decant? You’re simply doing common decanting?”

Spoiler alert, for those who’re six months behind in your “Succession” viewing: Within the third season of HBO’s darkish drama collection, Connor Roy advocates for “hyper-decanting” wine in a blender to age it “5 years in ten seconds.” So, ought to all of us be hyper-decanting?

The straightforward reply: When you care in any respect about your consuming expertise, don’t stick a bottle of high-end vino within the blender.

On the floor degree, conventional decanting is meant to open up the wine’s aromas and flavors earlier than it’s loved. It additionally softens any harsh tannins and heightens aromatics. Oh, and a flowery decanter appears good at a celebration, too.

The wine is usually positioned in a cool container — typically with a large base and skinny neck — to aerate the fragile liquid. It’s typically related to purple wines, however that doesn’t imply that white wines and rosé needs to be uncared for. For optimum outcomes, all wines ought to relaxation for 15 to twenty minutes in a decanter earlier than serving. An excessive amount of aeration can result in oxidation, so watch the clock.

When you don’t have that point, although, is “hyper-decanting” in a blender simply pretty much as good?

The buzzy hack is a favourite amongst YouTubers and TikTok wine fans currently, with accounts as massive as Williams Sonoma reposting the budget-friendly “hack.” A French TikToker, @arnesdei, gained over 1,000,000 views for their March 2021 video mixing a reasonable purple wine.

In 2014, author Matthew Mullet examined out this hack for VinePair throughout a tasting of a 100-point Saxum James Berry Vineyards Rhône Mix. When he blended the premium wine, he discovered that it misplaced its strong taste. Whereas the check wine contained punchy Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, Mullet writes that he may not detect any distinct flavors or aromas within the wine after mixing.

In relation to good wine, persistence actually is a advantage. Maybe it’s greatest to depart the blender for smoothies and frozen Margs.



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