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Hello, that is certainly one of our (virtually) every day tastings. Santé!



September 7, 2022


We’ll see if all of it occurs like final time, with first a handful of varied grains from varied Distilleries, then fairly just a few Invergordons. That is the way it often goes with grains at WF Towers… What’s good is that we’ve not bought any very younger ones on the desk right this moment; I imply 10 years outdated Girvan or bottled varnish, you understand…

Final Minute Annoucement

Whiskyfun is supporting all of the franchised William Cadenhead outlets in continental Europe which might be seeing their companies abruptly terminated. Friendship over whisky, all the time (and whisky over the whisky enterprise, all the time).

Cambus 29 yo 1988/2018 (45.4%, Cadenhead, Single Cask, bourbon hogshead, 494 bottles)

Xxxxxx xxx xxxxx (XX%, Xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxxx)

A seminal grain Distillery, the place they had been additionally producing malt within the (very) outdated days, closed in 1993 by house owners United Distillers, whose ancestors had closely pushed the title ‘in opposition to the malts’ round ninety years earlier. Color: white wine. Nostril: fairly a whole lot of nail polish remover, then grass, herbs and vanilla, however as all the time when no correct sherry or different energetic casks have been used, this feels just a little empty. As a lot as we do not like the concept malts are all about wooden, we agree that grains are. Mouth: some vanilla and a few sweets, plus just a little grass and some humble half-varnishy, half -vanilla-ed notes. Tends to enhance although due to some herbs. End: quick, just a little candy. Rhubarb and juniper within the aftertaste. Feedback: an outdated mix with none malts, as we typically say. Not obligatorily very essential, however frankly trustworthy, to be… trustworthy.

SGP:XXX – XX factors.

Dumbarton 20 yo (52%, Dram Mor, cask #211894, 306 bottles)

Dumbarton 20 yo (52%, Dram Mor, cask #211894, 306 bottles) Three stars

Ballantine’s large Dumbarton Distillery was demolished in 2005. By the way in which, very long time not seen an Inverleven, Dumbarton’s malt (so to talk). This must be one of many final Dumbartons… Color: white wine. Nostril: shy, natural. Grass, gooseberries, bison vodka, contemporary baguette, just a little popcorn… With water: water virtually closes it down. Mouth (neat): extra motion on the palate, with fairly a whole lot of apples, and a few lighter white Burgundy, reminiscent of a god aligoté. With water: some sugar popping out, in addition to liquorice wooden. Extra apples too, even correct artisanal cider. End: medium, candy, clear. Candy maize, melon, vanilla… Feedback: actually positive. Feels a bit like simple rum in the long run.

SGP:640 – 81 factors.

North British 30 yo 1991/2021 (49%, The Golden Cask for The Whisky Barrel, bourbon barrel, cask #CG001, 115 bottles)

North British 30 yo 1991/2021 (49%, The Golden Cask for The Whisky Barrel, bourbon barrel, cask #CG001, 115 bottles) Four stars

North British used to distil solely maize/corn, however undecided that is nonetheless the case. It definitely was in 1991. Keep in mind it is a joint operation between Diageo and Edrington. Color: pale gold. Nostril: sunflower oil, sesame, pine nuts, white chocolate, then guavas and papayas (reasonably), dandelions… It was a great barrel, it appears. Mouth: fairly good, between columns rum, ‘malt whisky’ and youthful bourbon, with even touches of rye, not too certain the place these are coming from. Yeah, in all probability from the bourbon barrel, you are proper, what was I pondering? In any case, this outdated grain is just a little fatter than others, and actually nice. The physique is just not too skinny. End: medium, not too candy, not too skinny, and just a little tropical. Dried pineapple and coconut. Candy white wine within the aftertaste, say a Jurançon. Or Irish pot-still whiskey. Feedback: definitely an excellent sipper. Anyone needing a bottle of grain might select certainly one of these.

SGP:640 – 85 factors.

North British 30 yo 1991/2021 (49%, The Golden Cask for The Whisky Barrel, bourbon barrel, cask #CG002, 42 bottles)

North British 30 yo 1991/2021 (49%, The Golden Cask for The Whisky Barrel, bourbon barrel, cask #CG002, 42 bottles) Three stars and a half Not too certain concerning the story behind these two. Is there a message, someplace? Color: pale gold. Nostril: I am discovering this one comparable, however a tad drier and extra natural. Definitely much less ‘horny’ (we’ll actually have to search out one other phrase, maybe ‘sensual’? Or ‘stimulating’?) There’s fairly some maize. Mouth: definitely nearer on the palate, however rather less refined, a notch harsher. There are some bits of cider apples, for instance, as a substitute of pineapples. End: medium, tart. Lemon and grass. Feedback: each are excellent. Grain that is pondering of malt.

SGP:640 – 84 factors.

Strathclyde 15 yo 2005/2020 (60.4%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #G10.28, 'Pudding faceplant', 164 bottles)

Strathclyde 15 yo 2005/2020 (60.4%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #G10.28, ‘Pudding faceplant’, 164 bottles) Four stars

It is a ‘2nd fill HTMC hogshead end’ and you understand what? I do not wanna know what that’s. Color: wealthy gold. Nostril: some concrete mud and a few scones, truffles, heat toasted bread, barbecued bananas and caramelised popcorn. With water: extra of that plus some hay beginning to ferment within the farmyard, in addition to some toasted oak in abundance. Mouth (neat): fairly a butterscotch bomb at first, then concentrated pineapple juice. With water: will get sweeter, however with a tarter acidic fruitiness. Tastes a bit like Cloudy Bay riesling ;-). End: medium, very good on condition that it is a grain. Looks like softer bourbon in some unspecified time in the future. Feedback: the wooden did all the things right here, I think about. They might promote these Glen Desserts in pastry outlets. I hate to say that I am discovering it very, excellent.

SGP:630 – 85 factors.

Strathclyde 32 yo 1989/2021 (54.5%, Cadenhead, Sherry Cask, refill sherry, 324 bottles)

Xxxxxx xxx xxxxx (XX%, Xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxxx)

Forgot to say, Pernod-Ricard’s Strathclyde has now taken over the big volumes of Dumbarton and must be feeding oceans of blends. Color: amber. Nostril: burnt raisins chiming on this time, plus vanilla and several other dried fruits. There’s additionally a fairly spectacular, and surprising medicinal facet, round tincture of iodine. The place did that come from? Or is that an evolution of sulphur? With water: had the cask first been crammed with a peater? Mouth (neat): chocolate and truffles. As soon as once more this medicinal facet, that is actually weird, but not disagreeable. Notes of mashed turnips on high of all this chocolate and pastries. Very intriguing… With water: as soon as once more a contact of medicinal smoke… However that works.  End: longer than your common grain whisky for certain, just a little citrusy, and nonetheless fairly medicinal. Hints of Laphroaig within the aftertaste. Feedback: looks like an in-cask mix. The factor is, it is excellent.

SGP:XXX – XX factors.

Good enjoyable with that one, however time to sort out some Invergordons. However first, this…

Blended Grain 48 yo 1972 (49.6%, The Whisky Barrel, cask #TWB1024, 109 bottles)

Blended Grain 48 yo 1972 (49.6%, The Whisky Barrel, cask #TWB1024, 109 bottles) Four stars

All the things suggests this wasn’t truly ever blended. What’s good enjoyable too is that it was put into cask on the day of the ultimate Apollo 17 moonwalk, on Dec 13, 1972. The true title of this bottle is ‘We’re on our approach, Houston’. Color: gold. Nostril: candy and delicate, on grain, maize bread, vanilla and coconut water. To be trustworthy, it doesn’t really feel prefer it’s 48 years outdated, it is simply very, very mild. Some notes of younger Sauternes (I will be there in two days, at time of writing). Mouth: it is actually the interaction with the wooden that formed this wee whisky, I do not suppose there was a lot within the spirit itself. Apples, melons, raisin and apricot bread, coconut, raisin rolls, just a little cappuccino… You’d have stated this was 15, I would have answered ‘okay’. Besides that each one the awful varnishes that lie in younger grain are gone for good right here. End: medium, candy, simple. Sugarcane and coconut. Feedback: just a little chicken instructed this might have been an In******on.

SGP: 630 – 85 factors.

Invergordon 14 yo 2007/2021 (62%, Cadenhead, Sherry Cask, oloroso sherry hogshead finish, 378 bottles)

Xxxxxx xxx xxxxx (XX%, Xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxxx)

Ouch, solely 14 years and solely a ending. Let’s hold religion, they know what they’re doing… Color: gold. Nostril: whoops? Copper and tobacco, plus Starbucks’ Frappuccino (apologies) and Lindt’s milk chocolate. I imply, a great ten kilos. With water: it-is-liquid-chocolate. Mouth (neat): it is too sturdy however I take pleasure in these orangettes. In case you do not know, that is strips of orange zests dipped into black chocolate. I do know you knew what that was. With water: extra orangettes, orange liqueur, raisins, a great glass of outdated oloroso, and a little bit of pecan pie. Simple and good. End: medium, chocolaty and orangey. Keep in mind, orangettes. Feedback: very effectively accomplished, that is virtually sherried malt whisky from good Speyside. Proper, all of Speyside is sweet.

SGP:XXX – XX factors.

Invergordon 32 yo 1990/2022 (51.1%, Thompson Bros., refill hogshead, 507 bottles)

Invergordon 32 yo 1990/2022 (51.1%, Thompson Bros., refill hogshead, 507 bottles) Three stars and a half

What, the Nineteen Nineties at the moment are thirty-two? And excuse me, 507 bottles from a hogshead? Oh why not, there’s inflation all over the place, particularly, it appears, in post-Brexit U.Ok. Color: white wine. Nostril: first cellulosic varnish, then banana pores and skin, sunflower oil, pine nuts, white chocolate, maize flour… With water: oh, chalk, wool, plaster, paraffin, grist… That was not anticipated, you’d virtually consider it’s a younger malt. Mouth (neat): candy and pure, virtually pina-colada-y. Certainly, coconut, pineapple and lighter rum. Then extra citrus, oranges… With water: gentle Cuban rum! It is that with tall columns, you might distil any uncooked supplies and provide you with fairly comparable, typically virtually undistinguishable outcomes. It is a good instance. End: medium, simple, between cane and grain certainly. Feedback: nice enjoyable. To pour your mates whereas asking them concerning the nation of origin.

SGP:640 – 83 factors.

Invergordon 34 yo 1987/2022 (54.3%, Thompson Bros., refill barrel, 230 bottles)

Invergordon 34 yo 1987/2022 (54.3%, Thompson Bros., refill barrel, 230 bottles) Three stars and a half

Nonetheless not an outdated sherried Invergordon… Come on, Whiskyfun! Color: pale gold. Nostril: coconut wine and vanilla, candlewax, pine colada, Havana Membership, sugarcane syrup, blancmange… With water: balsa wooden and semolina. Some roots within the background. Carrots. Mouth (neat): some depth right here, herbs and grasses, even a tiny contact of smoke… With water: extra on bonbons and wine gums, however this is a grassier background. Asparagus? End: medium, a tad ‘silent’. Touches of pastis, or fairly fennel seeds. Feedback: all wonderful, just a bit… skinny, regardless of the pastis. However I agree not all whiskies could be Laphroaig 1967.

SGP:651 – 84 factors.

Final one now. Seems to be like we can’t discover any 90+ right this moment, however that may virtually solely occur with very outdated sherried Invergordons, whereas I am unhappy to report that we’ve not bought any left in WF’s pattern library. Having stated that, one remark, Invergordon is the one working grain distillery that is truly positioned within the north of Scotland. That will imply one thing, should you ask me… (other than the truth that they appear to be occurring strike each now and again, that is their French facet I suppose).

Invergordon 44 yo 1972/2017 (46.9%, Whisky-Fässle, barrel)

Invergordon 44 yo 1972/2017 (46.9%, Whisky-Fässle, barrel) Four stars and a half

Maintain on, here’s a duck! You by no means know with geese… Color: full gold. Nostril: malt-grain. I do know there’s some malt in all grain whiskies (do you know that?) however on this very case, that feels a wee bit, even when the entire stays gentle, cakey, just a little skinny however with good bananas, coconut and oranges. Oh and the compulsory vanilla. Mouth: excellent, sweeter, with bananas and as soon as once more a sense of sunshine rum, banana cake, white chocolate, gentle liqueurs (apricot and mirabelle) plus even just a little quince jelly. One of many higher grain whiskies on the market, for certain. End: medium, gentle and candy, however with a contact of varnish and even acetone that might add some dimension to this outdated child. Feedback: good, this time once more we did not attain the 90-mark, however I believe we discovered right this moment’s winner.

SGP:651 – 88 factors.

Good, subsequent bigger grain session on WF, round February subsequent 12 months. Or later.









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