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Redemption Launches ‘Modern’ Sur Lee Straight Rye Whiskey

Redemption, identified for its array of American whiskeys, is distilling exterior of the field with its latest expression. A latest addition to the Specialty Sequence, Sur Lee Straight Rye Whiskey employs a French winemaking method to create a uniquely layered spirit, in line with a Sept. 20 press launch.

The pre-Prohibition fashion mash invoice, containing 95 p.c rye, serves as the bottom for the brand new whiskey. Whiskey lees — leftover particles from distillation which are hardly ever used within the manufacturing course of — are added to barrels previous to ageing the brand new expression for an intense infusion of well-rounded taste. Barrels are rotated periodically to evenly distribute the lees and additional deepen the whiskey’s aromatics.

The outcome? A floral rye with notes of decadent marshmallow, nutmeg, and maple with spice on the end. It’s bottled in a glass bottle in step with Redemption’s different choices, however a matte black end and gold accents on the label recommend a extra luxurious really feel.

Credit score: Redemption

“Originally of our creation course of, we had been curious to see what flavors could be imparted if we utilized a way just like the French winemaking sur lie course of to our superb traditional rye mash invoice,” Deutsch Household Wine & Spirits president Tom Steffanci states within the launch. “We spent quite a lot of time adjusting the method to get it excellent and we’re delighted with the scrumptious end result.”

The model advises ingesting Sur Lee neat or on the rocks to greatest get pleasure from its full complexity.

The “first-of-its-kind” spirit retails for a recommended value of $59.99, with very restricted portions obtainable for buy. Curious whiskey drinkers and collectors can buy the Sur Lee expression at choose retailers in New York, Delaware, Florida, California, Texas, and Massachusetts starting Oct. 1.


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