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Hello, that is one in every of our (nearly) day by day tastings. Santé!



September 4, 2022


Rums of all nations. Virtually

Let’s examine what we discover, beginning with simpler ones as typical. It is good that we preserve the malternatives or putative malternatives for our Sundays, or this awful web site would quickly turn out to be, which is totally not my aim. We would die.


Cihuatàn 'Xaman XO' (40%, OB, El Salvador, +/-2021)

Cihuatàn ‘Xaman XO’ (40%, OB, El Salvador, +/-2021) Three stars

We have solely tasted one Cihuatàn this far, a 2004 single cask for Belgium (however naturally) that had been wonderful (WF 85). They are saying this very one has been matured for 15 years in ex-bourbon, however additionally they say it’s a solera, then completed in ceiba wooden for one 12 months, which can also be known as ‘fromager’ within the French west indies. Ex-molasses, column. Color: full gold. Nostril: very good inside that type, on fermenting cane juice, rotting bananas and pineapples, liquorice, some pure rubber/hevea (is that the ceiba wooden?) in addition to blancmange, properly that is reasonably Caribbean than Central-American (the place small El Salavador is situated, in case you did not know). Mouth: certainly, no sugar load within the arrival, even when that is fairly candy, with some honey, sugar cane, a pack of sentimental liquorice, and certainly molasses. No rubber this time. End: medium, reasonably too candy now, I suppose it was boosted in some methods. Some burnt caramel within the aftertaste. Feedback: it is not usually that these types of rum attain the 80-mark in my wee e-book. Not that it ought to matter, thoughts you…

SGP:740 – 80 factors.

Let’s swim to St. Lucia…

Admiral Rodney 'HMS Royal Oak' (40%, OB, St. Lucia, +/-2021)

Admiral Rodney ‘HMS Royal Oak’ (40%, OB, St. Lucia, +/-2021) Three stars

Not a reputation that is quite common in France, but it surely’s true that British admirals have by no means been extraordinarily well-liked in France, at the least not since Trafalgar (however Rodney died in 1792). A primary expression had been reasonably thrilling for my part, again in 2015 (WF 75). This one is xx-bourbon cask for between 7 and 12 years, so a 7 years outdated, distilled in a Coffey nonetheless. As for the identify Royal Oak, I suppose they’re good associates with the home Audemars Piguet (footballers’ watches, actually). Color: amber. Nostril: feels spiced-up, with enormous whiffs of lilies and fragrant grape varietals resembling viognier. Notes of caraway liqueur too, tropical flowers, absolutely jasmine, earl gray tea… It’s fairly nice, in actual fact, it is just a bit scary w.r.t. the palate… Mouth: I discover it good, truly drier than the Cihuatàn, feeling spicy and floral certainly however probably not sweetened-up. A big pack of liquorice allsorts, actually all kinds. End: medium, with some caramel this time, molasses, and certainly, candy viognier from the Rhône valley. Proper, sweeter than a Condrieu. Feedback: similar ballpark, good high quality, very straightforward to drink, and never, properly, woreish in any respect. Or, one other phrase that you just can not use anymore, not sluttish. No disgrace.

SGP:730 – 80 factors.

Let’s attempt to climb up the ladder…

Foursquare 11 yo 2010/2022 (45%, Samaroli, for The Whisky Barrel 15th anniversary, Trinidad, cask #16, 330 bottles)

Foursquare 11 yo 2010/2022 (45%, Samaroli, for The Whisky Barrel fifteenth anniversary, Trinidad, cask #16, 330 bottles) Four stars

Bottled in Bonnie Scotland, so in all probability ‘early landed’, as some would say. There’s what’s authorized and there is what is not, however I’ve heard some wonderful cognac producers beginning to think about that the hotter local weather that we’re having this 12 months may have a small detrimental affect on the maturing spirits, making them slightly ‘harsher’. So it is to be puzzled if, with local weather change, some won’t begin to attempt to discover means to mature their shares in cooler and moister environments. Will not Scotland turn out to be a large warehouse someday? Or Greenland? However some (current) rules should be bent earlier than that may occur… Color: pale gold. Nostril: it is a extra phenolic Foursquare, you’d even discover some type of peat, some nail polish remover too, maybe extra esters than typical as properly, some hay, fermenting grass, definitely some cane juice, then some ‘simpler’ vanilla and, to make it much more Scottish, some shortbread. Mouth: no, it’s totally Foursquare on the palate, with a beautiful sourness that makes it deeper, in any other case varnish and glues, cane honey, overripe apples, fudge, bonbons and as soon as extra, liquorice allsorts. End: medium, with this humorous wee ‘peatiness’ again in your tongue. Feedback: these decrease strengths are slightly uncommon, however I say they go properly with Foursquare. What’s extra, water is turning into costly (yeah proper).

SGP:552 – 87 factors.

Black Tot 'Master Blender's Reserve 2022' (54.5%, Elixir Distillers)

Black Tot ‘Grasp Blender’s Reserve 2022’ (54.5%, Elixir Distillers) Four stars and a half

Tonnerre de Brest, the British Navy once more! Our English associates say ‘sacrebleu’ at any time when they need to swear in French (or pu**in !) however as soon as and for all, we by no means, ever use that phrase, you may solely discover it in outdated books! Or in Tintin… Color: full gold. Nostril: very British, that’s to say with Jamaica and presumably Trinidad enjoying first fiddles – or prime dressers, with simpler ones behind them, in all probability Guyana.. Oh wait, they printed the ‘nation invoice’, that might be ‘Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad, from completely different distilleries’. In any case, I discover it reasonably superior, and it is humorous that we simply had a Foursquare since this isn’t too far, not much more petroly or estery, or extra olive-y. Some charcoal ashes, cigars for certain… With water: there, new electronics and rubbers, varnishes, engine oil… Mouth (neat): ‘higher’ on the palate when bare, which is at all times preferable than the opposite manner ‘spherical, saltier, extra Jamaican, extra petroly, extra mezcaly, wilder… Some beautiful oranges dipped into diesel oil or one thing. Gas. Good. With water: sure, the mixture works, it is estery however not tiring, salty, with touches of thyme and tar, plus our beloved olives. I’ve at all times puzzled, do they develop olives within the Caribbean? End: reasonably lengthy, extra on salted liquorice. Not an unusual end. Feedback: prime class mix. To suppose that within the French Marine, they had been having Champagne as an alternative. I am joking, solely officers.

SGP:463 – 88 factors.

Since we have talked about Jamaica, let’s take dangers…

New Yarmouth 27 yo 1994/2022 (60.1%, Thompson Bros., Jamaica, 285 bottles)

New Yarmouth 27 yo 1994/2022 (60.1%, Thompson Bros., Jamaica, 285 bottles) Four stars and a half

I’ve at all times discovered these New Yarmouths reasonably troublesome to sort out. However we’ll do each effort… Having mentioned that I discover this label beautiful, it reminds of one in every of my favorite painters, Cobra member Pierre Alechinsky. Color: deep gold. Nostril: phew, not precisely a New Yarmouth that might tear you aside after which drown you in wooden varnish. It is reasonably a delicate one, reasonably cakey and on maple syrup, demerara sugar, bananas flambeed, cedarwood and outdated cigar humidor, vanilla pods… In reality it is received one thing agricole. Most likely a marque NYE/P. With water: there, varnish, a Saturday morning at Ikea (good so long as you handle to exit), new sneakers, corn syrup, molasses, chestnut honey… Mouth (neat): oh superb, sturdy and naturally slightly varnishy, with some bitter burnt fruits and caramel, some tobacco, some burnt herbs… and numerous ethanol. So, with water: water works. Gentler than anticipated, with a beautiful bitterness, uncooked chocolate, stout, and certainly some light cane juice. Fairly smooth, truly. End: lengthy and really chocolaty. Mocha and orange liqueur within the aftertaste, plus a wee cologne-y aspect at the back of the again.. Feedback: so, a delicate batch of New Yarmouth. Extra complicated than you’d have thought. And wonderful.

SGP:551 – 88 factors.

Maybe one other 1994, however from Guyana?

Enmore 27 yo 1994/2022 (53.5%, The Rum Cask)

Enmore 27 yo 1994/2022 (53.5%, The Rum Cask) Five stars

The marque right here is ‘REV’, which ought to imply ‘Rum Enmore Versailles’, which might recommend that this was distilled in Versailles’ outdated picket pot-still whereas it was nonetheless at Enmore, which received closed that 12 months, in 1994, with nonetheless and casks subsequently moved to Uitvlugt, which was closed in 2000, with the nonetheless lastly moved to Diamond, whereas the cask could have remained in Uitvlugt’s warehouse, which Diamond saved utilizing. Phew! Not too certain when this cask was moved to Europe, having mentioned that. Color: mahogany, so very darkish so presumably lengthy tropical growing old. Nostril: aberrantly splendidly deep and profound, with deep spices from the wooden, many rotting fruits, an surprising feeling of rye, rye bread, pumpernickel, brown ale, prunes, molasses… Very uncommon! With water: very outdated rye whisky, actually! Cross my coronary heart… Mouth (neat): wonderful fruity and spicy and woody and very liquoricy combo. Love this to utter bits. With water: oh! We’ll have to speak about this cask with the Rum Cask people subsequent 12 months in Limburg, let’s schedule an appointment! End: lengthy, salty, on salted anchovies and black olives. That is nearly rum alla puttanesca. And are available on raisins within the aftertaste? Feedback: magic. Magic that won’t please simply everybody, however magic. I additionally adore it that it as bottled below a label that appears like… properly, prefer it’s all about what’s inside, not outdoors.

SGP:463 – 91 factors.

Solely Jamaicans may climb over that one…

Long Pond 2007/2022 (68%, Swell & Co, Jamaica, 367 bottles)

Lengthy Pond 2007/2022 (68%, Swell & Co, Jamaica, 367 bottles) Five stars

Will this be a ‘TECA’ (1000), a ‘TECB’ (1300) or a ‘TECC’ (1500)? Anyway, thanks bottlers and distillers, you appear to consider that we humble tasters are immortal. I imply 68 f****g % vol.! For crying out loud, save us (S., you sissy!)  Color: purple amber. Nostril: every kind of varnishes and a complete focaccia full of black olives. Not a nasty begin. With water: similar! Plus menthol cigarettes and candied citrons. Candied citrons are a part of my very own Pantheon, a disgrace that they’re so laborious to return by. Mouth (neat): tops salted glues and varnishes. Proper. With water: some dirtiness chiming in, at all times a superb signal, whereas alternatively, the core would get softer and rounder, I used to be about to jot down ‘cakey’. End: lengthy, with the olives profitable it. The esters too, though I would not say it is ‘very excessive esters’ Lengthy Pond. So in all probability no ‘TEC’, I used to be in all probability incorrect as soon as extra. Feedback: joke apart, marvellous Lengthy Pond. Plus, your bottle can be everlasting, at this energy.

SGP:463 – 90 factors.

Will we do the following one or can we name this a session? You wager?!

Long Pond 23 yo 1999/2022 'HJC' (76%, Plantation for Salon du Rhum Belgique, 298 bottles)

Lengthy Pond 23 yo 1999/2022 ‘HJC’ (76%, Plantation for Salon du Rhum Belgique, 298 bottles) Four stars

Good, we have our legal professionals with us, we could proceed. I’ve to say I am not accustomed to the marque ‘HJC’, however I do know what 76% imply. In any case, identical to ethanol, the proportions of esters could change throughout growing old, as peat ranges do in whisky (these ppms peat). Yeah, simply figures anyway… Pricey legal professionals, could we proceed?… Color: deep gold. Nostril: nearly nada, niente, rien, nothing, nichts… And that is the quantity of ethanol, I am certain. Your nostrils will simply change to survival mode at this energy, that is it. Properly, for those who nostril remotely, you may discover these mild esters, olives, and tobacco. However no dangers taken… With water: reasonably muddy, with outdated fruits, fermentations, additionally aniseed, lemongrass, cabbage and asparagus, some weird raisins, candy wine (what?) It is as if all molecules had been shaken and combined by water. Mouth (neat): take solely half a drop please. Appears to work. Oranges and quinces buried in liquorice, tar and tapenade. The legal professionals say I have to add water straight away. With numerous water: traditional fairly estery Lengthy Pond with a sweeter coating. It is showcasing Lengthy Pond’s typical roughness however some demerara sugar or one thing has been unfold throughout it. End: lengthy, wonderful, only a tad undecided. Is it dry or is it candy? Echoes of dried pineapples within the aftertaste. Feedback: wonderful==/=/* drop (nearly vapour, actually), however these utter monsters are extraordinarily laborious to comply with, to deal with and to understand, that is all I will say.

SGP:662 – 85 factors.

Replace: I have not been paying consideration, that one was completed in cognac wooden for 4 years. All of it is smart now…

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