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Santa Auditions

“Thanks all for coming to the Punxsutawney Mall Santa Auditions! We’re right here to discover a particular Santa ‘stand-in’ [winkwink] to take photos with the youngsters this weekend. So, let’s carry you in one after the other, and have you ever give us your very finest Santa greeting! Okay? Okay!

“First contestant, you are up!”

“ARR! Marrrrry Christmas, ye landlubbers!”

“Um…sorry, however I believe we’re in search of somebody only a little extra conventional. Subsequent, please!”


“Bark! Bark bark bark bark!!”

“I am confused. Are you a canine or a seal?”

“Not likely positive, love, however look! I can throw issues within the air!”



“Merry frickin’ Christmas.”

“Oh, my, is that actually a correct Santa perspective?”

“Woman, give up screaming. Santa’s head is KILLING him.”



“How a lot for the ladies?”




“Ohhh kaaaay. I will again away slowly now.


“Nicely, that is everybody, so I assume we’ll simply must go together with Mrs. Claus once more this 12 months. That pleased with you, Mrs. Claus?

“Mrs. Claus?”

[ …. ]

“Look, I do know you are nice with the youngsters, however possibly you would take into account, you recognize, speaking occasionally.”

[ …. ]

“Or blinking.”


Because of Nick Ok., Michelle C., Laura C., Kim P., Sarah M., & Katie C. for the Silent Fright.


P.S. See this bizarre trying gizmo?

Shiatsu Shoulder Massager

Ever since I purchased one 2 years in the past each good friend who’s tried it has changed into a puddle of goo, and refused to maneuver ’til it shut off. Its largest followers are our Disney puppeteer associates; individuals utilizing and wrecking muscle mass most of us do not even know we have. I maintain shopping for extra of those as items!

This massager can truly bruise when you’re not cautious; it is received severe energy for even rock-hard knots, and with a bit contorting you’ll be able to attain your complete again. (I maintain it diagonally to get beneath the shoulder blades, and round my waist for the decrease again.) So hey, if December’s left you beat up this 12 months, give this child a attempt!


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