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Smoked Brisket – Find out how to plus Suggestions and Tips

The go-to information for good Smoked Brisket each time. Use our seven step information, from choosing, trimming and methods to smoke it. A Smoked Entire Brisket Recipe might be perfected by following some key steps. It’s possible you’ll need to save this one as a favourite as a result of you’ll come again to it.

We even have a whole information for a smoked brisket flat as nicely when you can’t discover a full packer brisket.


Smoked and sliced brisket served on butcher paper
Smoking Brisket on a Massive Inexperienced Egg

Recipe Highlights

  • Smoked beef brisket isn’t a few recipe, it’s a course of you may solely be taught by practising on no matter BBQ you personal, and utilizing a number of key milestones whilst you smoke it. Use this information to grasp your smoked brisket expertise.
  • For a extra savory taste you need to use our beef seasoning with herbs and warmth.
  • Take a look at our information for brisket burnt ends as nicely.
  • You can also make tender brisket on any cooker from pellet grill to offset smoke with this recipe.

Smoked brisket is difficult. It’s like a long-term relationship. Don’t take what you assume are the foundations, and take them as a right (as a result of the foundations change with each you cook dinner). Deal with every brisket as a brand new day and a new probability to good all of the belongings you discovered from the earlier cook dinner.

As an alternative of specializing in a smoked brisket recipe with precise directions, I believe it higher to structure the important thing elements of how consideration to element and the precise minimize of will assist you to navigate methods to cook dinner one in your particular smoker. And whereas we dared so as to add a recipe beneath, keep in mind the variables that each one go into wonderful tender smoked brisket.

So please learn this primary, earlier than skipping all the way down to the recipe!


As talked about, each shall be totally different. From marbling to the best way it cooks, each wants its personal TLC when smoking. We deal with seven steps for an ideal smoked brisket.

  1. Choice
  2. Trimming
  3. Seasoning
  4. Smoking
  5. Wrapping
  6. Resting
  7. Slicing
Brisket smoked and before wrapped on a pellet smoker.
Smoked Brisket Previous to Wrap

Let’s begin with choice.

What’s Brisket

Brisket is from the cow. There are two per cow, and is made up of two distinct muscle mass with vital connective tissue. The purpose and the flat (or deckle). Every have totally different layers of marbling as that is an space of the cow that’s used lots because the cow walks, and so low and sluggish helps get it tender. It’s due to how dense the muscle is that the braising or longer cooking time is so vital, it breaks down all of the dense muscle and fats for a young chew.

Wanting down on the flat facet of a Prime brisket.

You usually need to purchase the whole packer (the purpose and the flat). After I first began cooking, I used to be shopping for what the grocery retailer had in case, and most frequently it was the flat. The flat is leaner and is simply half the story when cooking a complete packer. To get that full taste you want the whole packer (each cuts of muscle). Go massive when shopping for, like at the least a 14 pound minimize, as a result of you’ll trim off a good quantity of fats, so a 12 pound packer is prone to be 10 kilos after being trimmed, and extra like 8 kilos after cooking.

Step 1: Choice

You actually have to know what makes nice smoked beef brisket, it begins with high quality beef and what’s in that beef. It’s the fats.

And most significantly the marbling of the whole minimize goes to dictate a big a part of the cooking expertise. As a way to get that rendering for a juicy tender meat morsel, you need to be sure that the brisket you’re shopping for is of the best high quality you may afford with marbling.

  • Grass Fed – Not as ideally suited for smoking as a result of most frequently it has little or no intramuscular fats.
  • USDA Rated – Choose, Alternative, or Prime. USDA graded beef. You’ll be able to see extra on the distinction in Alternative vs Prime.
  • American Wagyu – Unbelievable marbling. Among the most costly.

As a result of as your brisket cooks over many hours, what you’re making an attempt to attain is the artwork of slowly rendering these fats pockets, inflicting the melted taste to lubricate or moisturize the encircling cells within the smoked brisket.

  • When shopping for one at a retailer bodily elevate it and bend it to see if it’s tender and pliable. If it’s too stiff transfer on to a special one which bends.

We discover this vital as that can translate into tenderness because it cooks. After we get ours mail order, we additionally know that the rancher or producer of that beef has already hand chosen the suitable minimize. However when at a grocery retailer or field retailer, you’ll want to examine and search for extra pliable cuts. They need to bend simply and never be overly stiff once you choose them up.

Step 2: Trim the Brisket

Briskets have a good quantity of fats. Some that can render, some that won’t. So it’s important to put together the brisket by trimming off the fats that gained’t render after which season. Remember to have an excellent boning or filet knife. The secret’s to not be afraid to trim. Should you lay two briskets facet by facet, even the fats pockets will look totally different.

The flat facet of the brisket dealing with up. You’ll be able to see some small fats pockets and silver pores and skin.

Begin by trimming the flat facet by eradicating the silver pores and skin and any fats pockets simply sitting on the floor.

  1. The brisket flat and the purpose are additionally separated by a layer of fats. The perfect briskets are these which can be capable of render that fats pocket down sufficient that it’s nice to eat. However earlier than you season, you could take away parts of these fats pockets.
  2. With the flat nonetheless dealing with up, take away the dense white fats pocket that’s on one facet of the brisket. You’ll take away a good quantity of the dense fats pocket, virtually beginning to minimize into and underneath the flat. That’s in regards to the time to cease trimming.
  3. Subsequent flip it over and trim the fats cap. This fats cap sits simply above the brisket level. We depart about ¼ inch of fats on the fats facet of the brisket. This may enable a small layer of fats to guard the brisket whereas cooking. Take care when eradicating the fats, do it in sluggish and small cuts so that you don’t take away an excessive amount of or by chance get into the meat.
  4. The edges of the brisket could have some fats hanging over the facet. We usually take away one other ¼ inch from each side of the brisket to easy out the edges and expose the meat.

At this level it isn’t unusual that you’ve got eliminated as much as 4 kilos of trimming. Greatest to have a top quality trimming knife.

Step 3: Season the Brisket

After trimming, we coat the brisket with olive oil which helps the dry rub stick. We combine coarse black pepper, kosher salt, and granulated garlic (not garlic powder) in equal elements in a small bowl. It’s our go to seasoning. It’s easy and permits the smoked brisket to shine. This seasoning is extra impressed by Texas type (though many Texans could scoff on the garlic).

We don’t inject or spritz as we’ve discovered that when shopping for high quality cuts you don’t want it and solely run the chance of making extra of a roast taste because of the moisture primarily steaming out of the meat.

Merely seasoned.

Step 4: Find out how to Smoke Brisket

Preheat the smoker to 250 levels Fahrenheit (F) with each lump charcoal and wooden. We use fruit woods for brisket for a sweeter taste. Insert a distant thermometer probe into the flat of the brisket, it’s leaner and the extra vital a part of the brisket to watch whereas cooking. The temperature for smoking good brisket is 250 levels F for slowly rendering fats. At 225 it takes longer than we desire and it has no materials distinction in taste or texture.

Thermoworks Smoke unit being used on a smoked brisket.
Thermoworks Smoke Unit Probe Inserted Into Flat

Flat Aspect Up or Down? Have the fats cap level towards the warmer a part of your smoker. It’ll insulate the extra delicate flat.

The brisket will smoke about 5 hours within the smoker the place the smoke connects with the brisket giving each bark and smoke taste.

Spritz (Optionally available) – Spray bottle of liquid that you simply spray onto meat after the bark types. We don’t do that for all of our briskets, however might be achieved for extra taste. Should you spritz, it’s achieved whereas the brisket is within the smoking step and never wrapped.

Step 5: Wrap the Brisket

When the smoked brisket reaches 165 levels F inner temperature, we take away it from the smoker and wrap it in pink butcher paper. That is referred to as the Texas crutch.

Wrapping permits the interior temperature to rise quicker. Peach or pink butcher paper is extra breathable than foil, which interprets to much less of a “pot roast” taste. The wrapping interval can be vital as a result of it’s the ultimate stage to permit the intramuscular fats to totally render out. Don’t have butcher paper? Use foil, that’s okay. For smoked brisket you may cook dinner all of it unwrapped. It might take barely longer and the ending temperature information continues to be the identical.

Brisket wrapped in pink butcher paper
Wrapped in butcher paper.

The Stall

Because the brisket cooks, it’s going to encounter a time period referred to as “the stall”. The stall can occur wherever between 160 to 175 levels F. As the warmth from the smoker renders the pockets of fats, the fats liquefies. Because the fats liquefies and interacts with the meat there’s a cooling impact that occurs, virtually like once you sweat.

So don’t be alarmed when you see a few hours of incremental motion within the inner temperature of the meat. You’ve got pushed by the stall when the fats has rendered sufficient that there’s steadiness and the meat begins to extend in warmth once more.

Because of this, whatever the stall, we wrap at 165. As soon as the brisket hits 180, you’ll see the temp improve a lot quicker. That is additionally vital to notice that we cook dinner to temperature, not time. Some briskets will simply take longer (or not) and why we deal with a temperature milestone quite than a selected time.

Step 6: Take away and Relaxation

Because the wrapped brisket reaches near 195 levels F, it’s time to begin probing the meat with an instantaneous learn thermometer (like a Thermoworks MK4 Thermapen) to see whether it is achieved. If the thermometer is assembly resistance as you insert it, which means the intramuscular fats hasn’t totally rendered out but. It ought to really feel as if you’re inserting the probe into room temperature butter.

The commonest suggestions we give folks is to be affected person and look ahead to that delicate butter-like feeling. We discover most individuals get nervous and need to pull at a precise temperature. The vary a brisket might be achieved will vary wherever from 195 levels F to 215 levels F. Belief the probe and preserve checking each quarter-hour till you get that really feel.

Professional Tip – Keep away from taking the temperature within the fats pocket between the flat and the purpose. That can come up in temperature a lot quicker than the encircling brisket. So you’ll want to temp in the midst of the flat and the center of the purpose in a number of locations.

Lastly, please ensure you let it relaxation for at the least half-hour after eradicating it from the smoker.

The smoked brisket will maintain its temperature and because it slowly cools, you begin to get the cells to tug again within the juices. Should you slice the brisket proper after eradicating, you’ll see all of the juices simply pour out on the slicing board versus staying within the meat. The horror!!! Your entire exhausting work, gone, similar to that, since you have been too impatient to let it relaxation!

If it’s achieved early then maintain the temperature to slowly let it cool. What do you maintain it in? A cooler (with NO ice) works nicely. This acts like a Cambro hotter utilized in eating places or for catering. You’ll be able to maintain the temperature for 4 hours within the cooler in case your brisket is finished early. Simply you’ll want to depart it wrapped. In some locations briskets are held for hours earlier than serving. Tenderness is the aim for resting.

Step 7: Slicing Brisket

For greatest outcomes, an important step after cooking is to slice towards the grains of the brisket. That is true particularly for the flat minimize as a result of the muscle mass are in several instructions than the purpose. Begin with a lengthy carving knife.

  1. Lower it in half about the place the purpose ends. This separates among the flat from the purpose.
  2. Slice the flat into pencil skinny slices.
  3. Take the bigger minimize that’s each the purpose and the flat, after which slice that in half. From there merely make extra pencil skinny slices.

Or simply slice all of it the best way alongside, however for crowds, anticipate folks to need to choose their very own slices.

See video for extra particulars on slicing.

How Lengthy to Smoke a Brisket at 250 levels

Usually plan 60 minutes for each pound of smoked brisket, together with the remaining (or maintain temperature), when cooking at 250 levels Fahrenheit. The full size of the cook dinner might be wherever from 8 hours to 16 relying on the scale of the minimize. It’s regular that each brisket you cook dinner will range in time.

Smoke Occasions for Brisket

That is the post-trim weight of the brisket.

  • As much as 10 pound brisket – 8 to 10 hours
  • 10 to 12 pound brisket – 10 – 12 hours
  • 12 to 16 pound brisket – 12 – 14 hours
  • 16 – 20 pound brisket – 14 – 16 hours

We additionally discover that American Wagyu cooks barely quicker than Prime or Alternative, so we shave off about 10% of the time when smoking American Wagyu.

Slicing a smoked brisket on a cutting board
Slice flat towards the grains.

Monitoring Brisket Temperature

We use the Smoke Unit from Thermoworks to watch the interior temperature of brisket all through the BBQ cook dinner. It even has a distant unit so you may see the temp from afar.

Along with the Smoke unit, you must also use a Thermapen or equal instantaneous learn thermometer, then you may probe in a number of areas whereas holding the Smoke unit in the identical location because it nears the tip of the cook dinner.

Instruments Used for Smoked Beef Brisket


If on the lookout for sides think about fast pickled veggies like peppers. Add some BBQ Beans and a no mayo coleslaw for the proper unfold.

Smoked Brisket FAQs

Find out how to Make Burnt Ends

Like Kansas Metropolis type BBQ? Lower out the purpose or elements of level from the brisket earlier than the wrap. You then slice it into cubes, re-season, place again into smoker to render out. Delish. Take a look at this submit for our Brisket Burnt Ends.

Ought to brisket be wrapped whereas smoking?

There is no such thing as a proper or unsuitable reply right here, it’s about your taste choice. Should you elect to not wrap you get a better bark. Folks love that texture. You gained’t actually add extra smoke taste, as that just about will get absorbed across the fifth hour of cooking.

However we’ve discovered wrapping in pink butcher paper is the most effective of each worlds. Be aware that if you don’t wrap, it might add 20 minutes per pound to the cooking time. So you’ll want to account for that.

Ought to I inject a smoked beef brisket?

In the long run your taste choice is what is vital and the meat. We typically are usually not injecting smoked briskets as a result of we purchase at the least Alternative or increased in high quality ranges. Should you purchase Choose, or discover that the fats layers don’t look as pronounced, think about injecting with beef inventory utilizing a culinary syringe much like our pulled pork recipe.

Greatest dry rub for smoked beef brisket?

SPG rub for us (equal elements Salt, Pepper, Garlic), holding it easy so we spotlight the meat taste and smoke.

Greatest Wooden For Smoked Brisket

Go native. We’re within the Pacific Northwest with an abundance of apple and cherry timber, so we use fruit wooden because it burns sweeter and avoids the campfire-like taste you will get from mesquite. In Texas? Clearly submit oak.

What to do with Leftovers

We’ve bought you coated. The perfect recipes for leftover brisket all the time begin with good smoked brisket. And sure, you should have leftovers (typically).

What number of hours does it take to smoke a brisket at 250 levels?

On common it takes 60 minutes per pound for a complete packer brisket. A ten pound trimmed brisket ought to take roughly 10 hours once you embody resting. Remember to calculate your time based mostly on the trimmed brisket.

How lengthy to smoke a brisket at 225 levels?

Plan 90 minutes per pound at 225 levels. We discover there isn’t any materials distinction in taste or texture and advocate cooking at 250.

This submit was initially revealed in 2016, and up to date in 2022 with extra Q&A and particulars. The unique recipe stays the identical.

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The Final Smoked Brisket Recipe

Recipe for a complete packer smoked Beef Brisket and customary questions and solutions. 

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Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook dinner Time: 10 hours
Resting Time: 30 minutes
Complete Time: 11 hours 30 minutes
Servings: 8 folks
Energy: 3279kcal
Price: $65.00


  • 12 – 15 pound packer brisket, flat and level
  • ¼ cup additional virgin olive oil

For the Rub

Forestall your display screen from going darkish


  • Season Brisket: The day earlier than cooking, trim the surplus fats off the brisket, apply olive oil to brisket. In a separate bowl, mix your dry rub components, and liberally apply to the brisket. Depart in fridge in a single day previous to cooking coated in plastic wrap.
  • Preheat Smoker: The day of cooking, preheat your smoker to 250 levels F, we use fruit wooden like apple or cherry.
  • Smoke Brisket: Place brisket on the smoker (utilizing giant tongs) when the temperature is a constant 250 levels and insert your two-zone meat probes. One for the meat inserted into the flat, and one to watch the ambient temperature of the cooking chamber. Smoke for as much as six hours till it's able to wrap.
  • Wrap Brisket: When the interior temperature of the brisket is 165 levels you’ll fastidiously take away the brisket and place onto two items of pink butcher paper to wrap. Take away the meat probe, tightly wrap the brisket, after which add the meat probe again into the identical normal space. Place again into the smoker to proceed smoking till it's achieved.
  • Proceed cooking at 250 levels for one more a number of hours till the brisket approaches 195 levels. At that time, you’ll use your instantaneous learn thermometer to insert and probe the flat and the purpose for that easy buttery texture as you verify for doneness. Wherever from 195 to 205 it might be achieved.
  • Take away and Relaxation: As soon as the brisket is finished, take away, nonetheless wrapped in butcher paper, and let it relaxation for half-hour (or place right into a cooler with NO ice to carry the temperature till able to serve).
  • Slice and Serve: Slice towards the grains and serve.



If Achieved Early – Brisket can maintain, wrapped in a cooler (with no ice) for as much as 4 hours. It’s higher to plan for it to be achieved early and resting the longer time permits the temperature of the brisket to stabilize (or the Texas Crutch), will assist velocity up the cooking course of. Should you plan to make this recipe with out wrapping plan 90 minutes per pound versus 60. You’ll be able to wrap with aluminum foil or our most popular peach butcher paper.

Fuel Grills – Evaluate our information on methods to smoke on a gasoline grill. Plan on having two baggage of wooden chips.

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Serving: 1pound | Energy: 3279kcal | Carbohydrates: 8g | Protein: 424g | Fats: 160g | Saturated Fats: 54g | Ldl cholesterol: 1266mg | Sodium: 1616mg | Potassium: 6816mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 307IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 218mg | Iron: 43mg
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