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The Huge and Great World of Hibiscus

Orhul. Bissap. Sobolo. Sorrel. Flor de Jamaica. Roselle. Relying on the place on this planet you end up, you might encounter a wide range of drinks going by disparate names however sharing two distinct traits: a hanging, saturated crimson hue, and an equally vibrant tart and bracing style. What these drinks all have in widespread is hibiscus, a flowering plant which grows in temperate to tropical zones across the globe, most notably in Mauritius, India, Indonesia, Polynesia, and Hawaii. The origins of hibiscus are unclear, however scientific information date it again to the mid-18th century, when Europeans have been exploring Asia and the South Pacific seeking spices and different commodities.

The hibiscus genus, of which there are some 400 varieties, is a hardy bush that produces not solely its trademark flowers, but additionally pod-like fruits known as calyxes. Whereas nearly all of hibiscus crops are identified for his or her decorative blooms, one pressure, Hibiscus sabdariffa, is wholly edible, from roots to leaves to flowers. The calyxes are the half most generally used for making drinks; these could also be consumed recent, however it’s much more widespread to seek out them dried, sometimes in Caribbean, Latin, West African, and Asian markets. Hibiscus drinks are a homestyle staple in lots of of those cultures, although till lately the ingredient didn’t have a lot of a cocktail presence. As the recognition of tropical and Latin bars and eating places grows, nonetheless, I’ve observed hibiscus popping up an increasing number of on drink menus. In actual fact, the primary time I ever tasted it was in a bar.

My first encounter with hibiscus got here after I was working as beverage Director at Gladys Caribbean, a now-shuttered Brooklyn restaurant which had a tightly edited meals menu influenced by Jamaican jerk. The drink choice took its cues from the island too, in an effort to recreate the expertise of consuming at an open-air Caribbean road- or beachside stand. 

In Jamaica, sorrel is as ubiquitous as candy tea is in my native South Carolina, although the American South has its personal wealthy “crimson drink” custom as properly. Purple berry-flavored drinks are a fixture at Juneteenth celebrations—notably these in Texas and alongside the Louisiana Gulf Coast. For the reason that 18th Century, South Carolina’s Geechee Gullah group has grown hibiscus crops introduced over from Africa to make infusions just like the Nigerian bissap and Senegalese sobolo I discussed earlier.   

I began to look deeper into hibiscus drinks and was pleasantly shocked by what I discovered: Hardly unique to the Caribbean, the ingredient can be in style in Mexico, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. Each cold and warm hibiscus drinks may be made by steeping the calyxes, leaves, flowers, or all three. Some are easy water infusions, sweetened with sugar, whereas others are enhanced with spices, citrus, and even mint. With that stated, I want to introduce you to 3 must-try types of hibiscus drinks, spanning traditions from West Africa, to the Caribbean, to Latin America.

Again to the Roots: Bissap

In Nigeria and Senegal, hibiscus leaves and flowers are used to create a tea known as bissap, which is historically loved chilled, flavored with sugar, lemon juice, ginger, and mint. In Ghana, this drink is extra generally referred to as sobolo, and generally incorporates pineapple juices and native peppers. The outcome—a vivid and zesty beverage full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and antimicrobials—is taken into account by many to be the last word wellness drink, flushing toxins from the system whereas boosting general immunity. My favourite bissap/sobolo to sip on is the bottled model from Bosuo, produced in New York Metropolis by Ghanian expat Afuya Ayisi. Scented with each mint and vanilla, it’s the right companion to a summer time picnic or seaside jaunt. Whereas I am keen on it by itself, Bosuo can be scrumptious in cocktails and mocktails, and it’s notably pretty topped with grapefruit soda or glowing wine, or combined with agave spirits. In case you’re a newcomer to hibiscus, I counsel beginning right here: incorporate bissap right into a cocktail through the use of it because the juice/tea factor in a gin punch, or in lieu of cranberry juice in a cosmo riff. The infusion has the same tartness, however with a barely earthier complexity than traditional cran.

Spice it Up: Caribbean Sorrel 

When West Africans have been trafficked to Caribbean and American sugar plantations through the triangular slave commerce, they carried with them substances from their residence continent. It’s within the Caribbean that African bissap meets spices imported from Southeast Asia and the Amazonian Rainforest, together with clove, cassia cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. These international flavors have been finally added to the easy crimson drink, imparting extra layers of complexity and aroma. Sorrel—now a ubiquitous beverage in Jamaica, Barbados, and all through the Caribbean, is much punchier than its West African predecessor, pleasant by itself or used as a automobile for native rum. In my e book, TIKI: Trendy Tropical Cocktails, I take advantage of sorrel as the bottom for a festive punch, combined with black tea, pineapple juice, and two varieties of bitters.

From Jamaica to Senegal, This Crimson Infusion Reigns Supreme
Images by Linda Pugliese; Meals Styling by Christine Albano; Prop Styling by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Talking of cocktails, if you want to make your personal combined drinks with sorrel, I extremely suggest JFB Sorrel Liqueur. Created by Jackie Summers, a Brooklyn native with Barbadian roots, JFB clocks in at 15% ABV. It makes for a vivid and punchy addition to cocktails or may even be sipped straight, like a juicy, spicy Shiraz.   

Take it Simple: Agua de Jamaica

Inevitably hibiscus made it over to the North American continent, which had its personal sugar commerce, albeit on a a lot smaller scale than the one which dominated the Caribbean economic system for the higher a part of 300 years. In Mexico, a hibiscus drink known as agua de jamaica flourished, and to this present day it goes head-to-head with horchata because the nation’s go-to thirst quencher. Even less complicated than bissap, agua de jamaica matches neatly into Mexico’s custom of fruit-forward aguas frescas. Whereas not ordinarily combined with spirits in Mexico, I’ve discovered this refreshing infusion to be a scrumptious part in margarita or paloma riffs. I prefer to make a concentrated model by doubling up on the sugar, then utilizing it like easy syrup, and even as a colourful float.  


Caribbean Sorrel

Hibiscus cocktail Book club sangria
Images by Linda Pugliese; Meals Styling by Christine Albano; Prop Styling by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

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Agua de Jamaica

Hibiscus Cocktail
Images by Linda Pugliese; Meals Styling by Christine Albano; Prop Styling by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

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Flor de Jalisco

Hibiscus Cocktail
Images by Linda Pugliese; Meals Styling by Christine Albano; Prop Styling by Carla Gonzalez-Hart

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