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Hello, that is one in every of our (nearly) every day tastings. Santé!



April 13, 2022


We have had a number of younger ones yesterday, all just a little comparable I’ve to say. Not the best session ever, however Linkwood’s not a troublesome whisky. As deliberate, let’s have extra…

Linkwood 14 yo 2007/2021 (55.3%, Golden Cask, bourbon, cask #CM276, 271 bottles)

Linkwood 14 yo 2007/2021 (55.3%, Golden Cask, bourbon, cask #CM276, 271 bottles) Four stars

A final younger Linkwood, earlier than we go down the vintages… Color: white wine. Nostril: vanilla, barley syrup, dandelions, mullein syrup, maize cream, brioche and muffins. All proper. With water: beautiful natural and flowery touches. Let’s consider daisies? Mouth (neat): marshmallows, jelly infants, cassata, nougat, candyfloss, granny smith… With water: oh, great, with some mocha and cappuccino, plus chenin blanc (Savennières!) and pistachio nougat. Barely balsamic. End: medium however creamy, nougaty, with a salty aspect, grapefruits and extra pistachios. Feedback: a pistachio-y and coffee-ish younger Linkwood, that is actually very cool! We are saying very glorious drop, golden certainly.

SGP:551 – 87 factors.

Whoops, forgot one other younger one…

Linkwood 12 yo 2009/2021 (58.6%, The Whisky Exchange, barrel, cask #695, 205 bottles)

Linkwood 12 yo 2009/2021 (58.6%, The Whisky Trade, barrel, cask #695, 205 bottles) Three stars and a half

Color: white wine. Nostril: mangos and varnishes, that is what we get. Sunflower oil and plaster as nicely. With water: grassier, extra resinous. A drop of turpentine, a drop of Hampden. Actually. Mouth (neat): glorious, extra mineral, all the time extraordinarily fruity, on yellow melons and a bag of citrons, plus somewhat a number of peppermint (Get 27 and different refreshing boozes for partygoers). With water: sweeter, even just a little sugary, syrupy… Strawberry jam, actually? Cranberry syrup? Seems to be like mu devoted Vitell water unleashed some uncontrolled sugariness. End: somewhat lengthy however a notch too candy for me. Syrups. Feedback: don’t get me fallacious, it’s a excellent younger Linkwood, it is simply that it could be for candy tooth (homeowners) solely.

SGP:641 – 84 factors.

Linkwood-Glenlivet 21 yo 1997/2018 (55%, Cadenhead, Authentic Collection, bourbon hogshead, 270 bottles)

Linkwood-Glenlivet 21 yo 1997/2018 (55%, Cadenhead, Genuine Assortment, bourbon hogshead, 270 bottles) Three stars and a half

Twenny-one years, that is beginning to rely. Color: straw. Nostril: Kahlua, Werther’s Originals, madeleines and Jaffa muffins, then maracuja and damp chalk at college. It’s not very sophisticated however water could make it complicated. With water:  porridge and pancakes. Briefly, again to barley and oats, plus paraffin. Mouth (neat): banana cake, sauvignon blanc, tons of gooseberries, simply grass and simply inexperienced bananas. With water: sweeter and far rounder. Candy barley and lightweight molasses. Overlook about water. End: medium, candy, with just a little mint, in any other case overripe apples and barley sweetness. Latte within the aftertaste. Feedback: it is that there is perhaps thousands and thousands of comparable casks sleeping in Scotland. Okay, lots of of hundreds, in accordance with the Royal Financial institution of Scotland.

SGP:541 – 84 factors.

Linkwood-Glenlivet 22 yo 1995/2018 (48.8%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, 500 bottles)

Linkwood-Glenlivet 22 yo 1995/2018 (48.8%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, 500 bottles) Four stars

This one from two hogsheads, woo-hoo! Color: straw. Nostril: mild molasses, acacia honey, pancake sauce, barley, Golden Grahams, small-grain muscat, chalk, dough, hay… Mouth: spicier arrival, with mints, candy garlic, then extra mint and camphor. Very distinctive, uncommon, mentholy, recent. End: medium, superbly bitter, somewhat on bitter cherries, branches, roots, wild carrots, even perhaps gentian. Some type of peatiness within the aftertaste. Feedback: some motion in there. Not your basic Linkwood in any respect, not even positive the cask had not contained some heavies earlier than, however there, it’s an superior and somewhat potent (regardless of the sub-50 energy) Linkwood. Nice work at Cadenhead’s.

SGP: 462- 87 factors.

Linkwood-Glenlivet 23 yo 1992/2016 (55.3%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, bourbon hogsheads, 492 bottles)

Linkwood-Glenlivet 23 yo 1992/2016 (55.3%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, bourbon hogsheads, 492 bottles) Two stars and a half

It is wonderful what you discover within the packing containers… Color: mild gold. Nostril: it is a tighter batch, a waxier one, a extra medicinal one too, extra on chalky menthol, ointments, recent butter, grasses… With water: okay. Herbs, dry wines, bitter fruits, leaven… Nothing to jot down residence about. Mouth (neat): mint and grasses, hay, contact of tar and plastic, rotting fruits, paraffin, propolis… This one’s not too simple, regardless of the vatting that is been finished, with a lot care I am positive. With water: no, we get misplaced between peelings and bitter grasses. End: lengthy, bitter, austere. Feedback: a lot hassle with this powerful man that is been bitter and grassy, and possibly fairly pointless.

SGP:361 – 78 factors.

Allow us to velocity up issues…

Linkwood 24 yo 1997/2021 (56.6%, Signatory Vintage for The Whisky Exchange, hogshead, cask #7566, 225 bottles)

Linkwood 24 yo 1997/2021 (56.6%, Signatory Classic for The Whisky Trade, hogshead, cask #7566, 225 bottles) Four stars and a half

In idea… Color: mild gold. Nostril: surprisingly, it’s a common Linkwood, on doughs, bananas, breads, muffins and softer waxes. With water: blueberries and simply recent focaccia, pizza dough, Comté cheese… Ooh that is good, if just a little uncommon. Mouth (neat): good, candy, fruity, on gooseberries and white currants, plus blueberries and rhubarb. It appears that evidently it is somewhat occurring in your palate. With water: blueberries and cassis. Suppose and dig deeper, and you will find notes of Nuits-St-Georges, that’s to say the utter epitome of pinot-noir-iness. Distinctive notes of purple wine, with none purple wine. That is the way in which! End: simply lengthy. We have to discuss this bottling, somewhat round just a little foie gras, truffles and morels. Feedback: bam-bam, TWE and SigV!

SGP:561 – 89 factors.

Linkwood 27 yo 1991/2018 (55.6%, The Single Malts of Scotland, hogshead, cask #10340, 212 bottles)

Linkwood 27 yo 1991/2018 (55.6%, The Single Malts of Scotland, hogshead, cask #10340, 212 bottles) Three stars

Boy are we late, this time once more. Color: straw. Nostril: not quite a bit, varnish, cider, chalk… With water: extra earthiness, French beans, samphire, wakame… Mouth (neat): ah sure, mint, parsley, eucalyptus, wild carrots and celeriac, gentian, some grassy smoke… With water: sweeter barley-y motion, figs and raisins… Nicely this isn’t precisely Botticelli’s Start of Venus, is it. End: medium, candy, a notch indefinite. Blended honeys and waxes, plus overripe apples. Feedback: not a lot to say. drop, however I am unsure I am going to keep in mind it endlessly. Bear in mind what?

SGP:551 – 81 factors.

Linkwood 30 yo 1986/2016 (41.4%, Sansibar, 96 bottles)

Linkwood 30 yo 1986/2016 (41.4%, Sansibar, 96 bottles) Three stars

Sansibar! I hope these nice of us up there are nonetheless energetic and doing it proper and high quality! A lot and lots of hugs. Color: gold. Nostril: beeswax, artisan cider, buttery chardonnays of Bourgogne, floorcloth, mushrooms, mint tea… In reality there may be some fragility to this one, however this buttery Burgundian aspect stays extraordinarily nice. Hope it will not crumble down on our palates… Mouth: no, by no means, but it surely positive is just a little fragile, with teas, teas and teas, plus white chocolate. Mushy oaks, leaves, and extra teas certainly. End: just a little brief and really tea-ish. I’d say this child went to a different world. Adios, child. Feedback: fragile and dry, that is nearly cider in my little ebook. Bear in mind, all the time and solely a private opinion.

SGP:451 – 80 factors.

Let’s attempt to cease this downwards spiral for good…

Linkwood 27 yo 1983 (46%, Mo Or Collection, 352 bottles, +/-2010)

Linkwood 27 yo 1983 (46%, Mo Or Assortment, 352 bottles, +/-2010) Four stars and a half

These nice of us had been simply too early, the world wasn’t prepared but. Bah, all of it bought dumber anyway. We bow earlier than them and ship them a lot love and empathy – offered they hold listening. Color: gold. Nostril: one of the best, honest and sq.. Benzoin, banana skins, lime blossom, teak oil, 2-stroke benzine combine, cough combination, overripe apples, coal tar and Sylvaner. Holy Suzy! Mouth: in any case these years, it might nonetheless crush all of the others, regardless of a barely extreme leafy and medicinal dryness. Eucalyptus, linseed oil, camphor, salty and smoky almond oil, leafy salted teas, and all that. Brine, with giant almond-stuffed olives. A neater and lighter Speysider, they stated… B.S. alert! There’s a lot B.S. in whisky as of late… End: yep. Oils working the present  – no oils, no whiskies. Feedback: do you actually need any?

SGP:462 – 89 factors.









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