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The Starting of Tea; From the Historical World to Lu Yu

Though stuffed with probably the most sensible element, Lu Yu’s work reads like greater than only a technical guide. The manufacturing of tea bricks, which have been steamed after which dried for storage, is summa­rized: “All there’s to creating tea is to choose it, steam it, pound it, form it, dry it, tie it, and seal it.” His language is literary by way of­out, even non secular. In stressing tea’s medicinal efficacy, he says “Its liquor is just like the sweetest dew of heaven”-a Buddhist time period. Plainly, he’s not advocating tea merely for medical benefits-to put together he insists on the quasi-ceremonial use of twenty-four separate implements! He ranks current tea districts and lists fa­mous tea drinkers together with the unlikeliest legends and obses­sively over-precise instructions masking every part regarding tea.

His classical Chinese language is condensed and arduous to decipher. The fa­mous remark “Goodness is a call for the mouth to make,” can also be translated “Discrimination of excellent (and dangerous) tea is a matter for (secret) oral transmission.” Lu Yu’s intention in all this solely step by step turns into clear: to attract the reader straight into the life that tea consuming can open to us. This straightforward beverage isn’t just to slake our thirst and delight our palate however to bear us away to a realm that transcends the senses.

The Ch’a Ching made Lu Yu a celeb in his personal lifetime. Tea retailers had porcelain statues fabricated from him to which they prayed that the tea crops may be massive and promote effectively. And when enterprise was dangerous, they might typically pour a kettleful of boiling water over the un offending picture. Lu Yu was revered by the intelligentsia of his day and after, because the quite a few poems and sto­ries about him attest.

One in all these tells how Zhiji, the Chan (Zen) Buddhist priest who had raised Lu Yu, would by no means drink tea made by anyone else’s hand. Even at court docket, the priest declined the tea supplied him. Pondering that Zhiji was simply placing on airs and enjoying the connoisseur, the emperor lastly organized for Lu Yu to organize tea for the unsuspecting priest. Saying, “Now this tastes like Lu Yu’s tea!”, the outdated man drank it with pleasure. Ultimately Lu Yu wound up withdrawing from this world and going off to drink tea and meditate the way in which the Buddhists at all times advised him he ought to.



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