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What Is Lengthy Black Espresso?

After a full day of writing, I wanted a espresso break. So I headed to my nearest espresso store and scanned the menu, hoping to search out one thing new. The menu board was chock filled with the everyday macchiatos, mochas, and lattes. However I used to be searching for one thing barely off the overwhelmed path. I lastly settled on a lengthy black espresso.

Learn on to search out out for those who may get pleasure from it too.

What Is a Lengthy Black Espresso Drink?

A lengthy black espresso is made by pouring two pictures of espresso over 3.5 to 4 ounces of sizzling water. Originating in Australia and New Zealand, the lengthy black espresso makes use of a barely finer grind than espresso and packs extra into the portafilter. This produces a extra syrupy, ristretto-style shot.

Brewed Espresso vs Lengthy Black Espresso and Americano

The primary distinction between all standard choices on the full record of espresso drinks is how they’re brewed. The lengthy black and the Americano are made utilizing espresso, whereas brewed espresso is made utilizing fabric, steel, or paper filters, as in a pour over, siphon, drip machine, or French press. Each common brewed espresso and Americano espresso may be fairly fragrant. 

One other distinction is within the espresso extraction. Brewed espresso is made by steeping espresso grounds in sizzling water or dripping sizzling water over a espresso mattress. With espresso-based drinks, like Americanos and lengthy blacks, a pump forces pressurized water by a tamped espresso mattress, leading to a bolder, extra concentrated taste.

Lengthy Black Espresso vs Americano

Each Americanos and lengthy black coffees are made with pictures of espresso. Nonetheless, a double ristretto is utilized in an extended black fairly than a double espresso. A ristretto makes use of a finer grind than espresso, a shorter brew time, and a barely overfilled portafilter. The ristretto is then poured on high of sizzling water.

Including the shot to sizzling water makes it extra aesthetically pleasing, whereas the double ristretto ends in a drink that’s extra fragrant, textured, and flavorful (1), based on Janice Chinna Kanniah, an editor at Excellent Every day Grind.

As well as, the soluble compounds creating fruity and candy flavors shall be launched, with extraction stopping earlier than any bitter, caramel, and chocolate flavors extract.

An Americano is made with two common pictures of espresso. Relying in your desire, you’ll be able to pull the espresso pictures first or pour them on high of the new water for a prettier cup. James Hoffman explains the distinction brilliantly on this video.

What’s a Lungo?

A lungo espresso drink, or lengthy espresso shot, is historically brewed for nearly twice the time of a typical espresso shot. If a mean espresso shot is brewed for 30 seconds, then a lungo is brewed for a minute. This will make for an over-extracted, barely bitter shot when performed incorrectly.

To keep away from this, Residence Grounds recommends experimenting with a barely coarser grind than used for espresso. The ratio of extracted espresso to floor espresso shall be increased, so a lungo has a much less intense taste than an espresso – just like an extended black espresso.

How Do You Discover the Ideally suited Lengthy Black Espresso Recipe?

Since you’ll be utilizing a barely bigger dose of finely floor espresso in your double ristretto, you’ll must dial within the extraction time and tamping stress to get the flavour you want. 

Discovering the most effective lengthy black espresso recipe is a matter of experimentation and following your style buds.

Watch out you don’t apply an excessive amount of stress to your tamp, or your espresso machine could have problem extracting something from the compacted puck.


The distinction between a brief black vs lengthy black espresso is {that a} quick black espresso is only a shot of espresso, whereas an extended black espresso has added water.

One of the best lengthy black espresso ratio of water to espresso will depend on your particular person desire. For a powerful espresso, use a 1 to three ratio of ristretto to sizzling water.

No, it doesn’t matter whether or not you pour the espresso or water first by way of taste. Pouring the water in earlier than your espresso makes the drink prettier as a result of it maintains the espresso crema, however it has no actual distinction in style.

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