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What You Want To Know

Brazil is a key participant within the espresso enterprise, from consuming probably the most quantity of espresso on this planet to being the largest producer of espresso globally. This nation is understood for its distinctive espresso varieties, with Catuai espresso being probably the most notable. The identify Catuai actually means “excellent,” so how can it not be?

On this article, you will discover every thing it is advisable to know in regards to the Catuai espresso selection.

catuai coffee family tree

What Is Catuai Espresso Varietal?

Catuai espresso is a espresso selection that has primarily been grown in Brazil since 1972, Costa Rica since 1985, Guatemala since 1970, and Honduras since 1983, amongst different nations (1). It’s the product of artificially crossing two pure mutations of the Arabica varieties often known as Mundo Novo and yellow Caturra to attain larger yields with smaller, closer-together crops (2).

Catuai espresso is understood for being prime quality, worthwhile, and dependable.

The draw back of Catuai espresso is that it’s extremely inclined to espresso leaf rust, fungal infections, espresso berry illness, pests, and nematodes (3).

For a extra detailed take a look at Catuai espresso, try this YouTube video.

There are two major varieties of Catuai espresso: yellow Catuai espresso and maui purple Catuai espresso.

Yellow Catuai Espresso 

Yellow Catuai espresso often has a softer physique. Nevertheless, this drastically is dependent upon the altitude it’s grown at, the local weather it experiences, and the tactic used to reap it. The cherries of this espresso selection are in larger demand internationally, though blind testing reveals that there’s nearly no discernable distinction in style between yellow Catuai espresso and maui purple Catuai espresso.

Maui Crimson Catuai Espresso 

Maui purple Catuai espresso is full-bodied and yields complicated taste profiles. The extent to which the genetic variations between maui purple Catuai espresso and yellow Catuai espresso affect the ensuing taste of the ultimate brew is just not but absolutely understood.

Catuai Espresso Style

Catuai espresso comes with a excessive stage of candy acidity, two contrasting tastes that flatter each other right here. In accordance with Q Grader and Professor João Batista Pavesi, the particular cup profiles that Catuai espresso is able to producing depend upon the placement it was grown, the kind of care it obtained, and the tactic of cultivation used (2).

“[Catuai coffee] has a number of descriptors: chocolate, caramel, caramelised sugar, honey, almonds, and spices [like] nutmeg and sweetgrass

Many Catuai espresso varieties are repeatedly awarded finest espresso in Brazil and on a world scale.

How Do I Brew Catuai Espresso?

Catuai espresso is brewed as a medium or gentle roast with Chemex or French Press strategies to spotlight its attribute bittersweetness. These strategies convey out all kinds of fruity and woody notes, with the particular diploma of every depending on the brew model. It’s loved both with milk or as a black espresso. 

Last Ideas

Catuai espresso is a Brazilian staple that’s common for its candy acidity and high-quality cup profile. It’s reliably described as “excellent,” simply as its identify suggests. If you’re in search of distinctive bittersweet notes of chocolate, almond, sugars, and spices in your espresso, strive a Catuai espresso.


Caturra espresso is a pure hybrid of the Bourbon espresso selection. The primary seeds of Caturra had been positioned between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, Brazil, as a pure mutation of Rio de Janeiro’s purple Bourbon bushes regardless of the Bourbon’s origins being in Ethiopia (4).

Mundo Novo is a cross between the 2 Arabica espresso styles of Bourbon and Typica. Mundo Novo is available in purple in addition to different variations. The identify Mundo Novo means “new world” and is understood for its prime quality cup, sweetness, and low acidity.

Pacamara espresso is a cross between the 2 varietals Pacas and Maragogype, each of that are additionally styles of Arabica. To study extra about this unique mix with its wealthy, creamy, and attribute jasmine style, try our article describing what Pacamara espresso is.

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