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Yummy Selfmade Blackberry & Apple Jelly – Ulula

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Blackberry & Apple Jelly is an ideal solution to protect the flavours of autumn so you possibly can take pleasure in them by means of the winter and spring. Completely scrumptious on contemporary bread, toast, scones, and pancakes, it additionally works properly with cheese. Jelly is an actual deal with as all of the laborious pips have been eliminated and it has stunning, wealthy, jewel like color and high quality.


You will want equal weights of blackberries and apples


Use equal weights of blackberries and apples. Decide over your fruit, eradicating stalks and leafy bits and rinsing the berries and apples if obligatory. Don’t rinse your blackberries till you’re prepared to start out, as they are going to spoil if left for any time.

Chop the apples roughly slicing out bruised bits. Don’t core or peel as they’re a wonderful supply of pectin.

Place the fruit in a big, deep, heavy bottomed saucepan, or preserving pan. (You want a big pan as a result of when the sugar boils it rises within the pan. It is going to boil over in case your pan isn’t large enough.) Add sufficient water to cowl half the fruit. Gently deliver to simmering level and contine to simmer till all of the fruit is mushy and pulpy. Take away from the warmth.

Have a scalded muslin material or jelly bag prepared over a big bowl and spoon or ladle the contents of the pan into it. Go away it to drip in a single day (this manner you’ll get essentially the most juice), at its personal tempo. It is going to flip cloudy if you happen to squeeze the juice by means of.

Subsequent day measure the juice. For each 600ml of juice enable 450g of sugar. Put the juice within the massive pan and produce slowly to the boil.

Add the sugar because it simply involves the boil and hold stirring till the sugar has dissolved. Then boil quickly, with out stirring, for 9-10 minutes till setting level is reached. The jelly ought to have thickened and have a shiny sheen to it.

Pores and skin the froth off the highest of the jelly and put to at least one facet, then pot up the jelly (use sterilised jars and lids) and seal as rapidly as doable.

Setting Level

When you assume setting level has been reached take away the pan from the warmth.

Switch among the boiling jelly from the pan to a chilly saucer or plate, which has been chilled in a fridge.

Place the saucer within the fridge for five minutes to permit the jelly to chill then push it together with your finger. If the jelly has reached setting level then it should wrinkle. Should you solely see a slight quantity of wrinkles seem then the setting level has not been reached so return the pan to the warmth and proceed to boil for an additional 1-2 minutes after which repeat the testing course of.

Sterlising Jam Jars

Totally wash and rinse your jam jars and lids. Place them, nonetheless moist, the wrong way up onto a baking tray and place within the oven at 150C earlier than you begin making the jelly. Go away them within the oven till the jelly is prepared for pouring.

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